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Randy N. Gaines

by Dr. Gwendolyn Smith Williams
(Cheverly, Maryland )

Dear Pastor Gaines,

I have received so much calm and peace in each and every sermon you have delivered since I joined Abundant Life. I have learned how to pray,I am more faithful to the God I serve,I know how to get on my knees and send God some knee mail and he hears me and he takes care of it all.

There are so many words that can describe my pastor, he is concerned about his flock and comes to visit us when a family member is sick. He assists us with major projects and especially our brand new church. He advises us with regards to our concerns and tells us what to pray to God so that he hears us. He knows the scripture very well and I enjoy hearing him tell us all about them and I refer to them when I need them.

God has certainly placed this humble servant in my life and I especially thank Rise Gaines for marrying him so that I can see and hear him every Sunday. I have been truly blessed. And I know this, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Pastor Gaines you have done so much for our family and schedule meetings for us to talk with you about them and it always works for the best. He taught me not to lean to my own understanding but to lean to God. He orders our steps and it is important that I do this. Pastor Gaines tells us that God Gives us gifts and I have searched my heart and know what my gifts are and I am using them in my daily life and I have become that new creature.

Your sermons are the best and Joel Osteem comes right after you. I am going to get his book that "Everyday is a Friday." This will be my gift to you.


Gwen Williams

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