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Ralph Douglas West

by Sandra Balanga

A man of God, Teacher, preacher, visionary, a friend and mentor. The Pastor and founder of the Church Without Walls in Houston,TX can break the uncompromisable word of our living God like no other. The bible states that people perish for lack of knowledge, not at the Church Without Walls(TCWW). Pastor Ralph Douglas West is one of the stones that God has placed on earth in this day and age. What a blessing it is to be under the leadership of such a man.

Happy 21st Pastoral anniversary

We love and appreciate you Pastor

Comments for Ralph Douglas West

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by: Anonymous

Praise and all Glory unto Jesus. My husband and I tuned into your program today to be blessed beyond our expectancy. Glory to God in the Highest! Our Savior IS Born.

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas message. Peace! Glory unto Jesus! Blessings upon you, your family and the Church Without Walls.

We live in Temecula, Southern California and would love to attend your fellowship. (Any near us?)

John and Fern Nething

Loving, Balanced, Gracious, and Thoughtful,
by: Marilyne

What I find most endearing about Pas is his balanced life. He has many siblings, family members, peers, mentees, friends, and members. Yet, he finds and creates ways to make everyone feel special. The kind, exhorting, comforting love of God really shines through Dr. West. He teaches and preaches God's wisdom, ways and truths with cogent examples continuously.

His life magnifies that in Christ love can thrive even during an increase in wickedness on Earth. Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Congratulations and thanks to our Shepherd for his books, blogs, and sermons. Thanks also for the many ministries in TCWW which enable us to know that Saints can be different, obedient to God and successful in this and future generations.

Congratulations on being 1/10 Visionary pastors of Houston
by: Online Member- M

You deserve this award because you have God's vision for His church, people and community. From Angel Tree to scholarships---you are a great HELP in wicked and tumultuous times for the city of Houston. At TCWW God's grace, mercy and favor shines through. Whether raising funds for a community in Haiti, building a legacy for the NEXT generation, or equipping/teaching the Saints with your Staff in many ministries, including Mosaic women's ministry, God's ways, truths and glory shines thru darkness.

Thank you for being God's obedient child, friend and shepherd. May God bless you with continued health, strength, years and wisdom. Amen

by: SAUL

Pastor West you are truly a man of God. The Lord has anointed you to preach the gospel with such grace and revelation. It is a blessing to watch your program on tv.

One of GOD's REAL Preachers!
by: Charles Stout

Good Morning Pastor...

Pass... I want you to know that I will never take your friendship for granted. I can be encouraged just to know that I have a REAL FRIEND in you. I remember the very first time I met you and I knew then a long lasting spiritual relationship would develop. And I want you to know that you too have a real friend in me!
The Cummings Street Family send LOVE, BLESSINGS and PEACE to you, the First Lady, your two sons and The Church Without Walls. May GOD Himself continue to bless everything you touch and wherever your feet trod.

REMEMBER: "It better to be hated for who you really are than to be loved for who you are not"!

Tell my friend Ted and Ms Fontenet hello for me.
Thank you for the love and the mentoring of my Pastor whom I love and support ON matter what.


by: Anonymous

Go forward "Everything God starts, God finishes"
Phillipians 1:6. I am in awe on how God is using TCWW to change hearts/souls, lives, families, communities, and restore a generation to Jesus the Christ. Yes, God receives all the glory when we go forward in Him during impossible situations, lean financial times, and many naysayers.

Be ready for the Sanballats. Nehemiah 4:1 When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry and was greatly incensed, NIV 2010. God will get the glory and I'm standing with you financially as an online NYC member.

Pastor West
by: Edna Shepherd

I really enjoy your services on Sunday mornings. I had my first experience seeing you and Church family on 12/31. May God bless you and continue to keep you, A True Man Of God.

the gift
by: Anonymous

thank you for the sharing the gift of manifestation it was when i heard you prech about the cross how you must go down befor you go up if you want a crown bear a cross that i realized that Jesus reveales himself throu us as i seen him in you thanks pastor west God be in you forever



by: Anonymous

23 years of preaching and enriching lives, thank you Pas!

Happy birthday Pas
by: Anonymous

Happy 50th birthday Pas. The church without walls love's you. We celebrate the great gift that God has given to us. You are a true blessing.

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