Prophetess and Pastor Connie Johnson

by Apostle Ulysses Johnson
(Apopka, Florida)

Our awesome and powerful anointed Pastor Prophetess and Pastor Connie Johnson. We love our pastor because she preaches and teaches us the awesome and powerful unadulterated word of God and she does not compromise or cut any corners with us. Our pastor is a woman of much wisdom and great knowledge of the powerful anointed word of God. Our beautiful, lovely, meek and so humble pastor - first she’s a pastor that God has called for such a time and season as this, and that God has given us as a leader and shepherd, and then she’s loving, kind, generous, lovely, adorable, mother, grand mother, and the lovely, beautiful, adorable, sweet, meek and humble wife of our Apostle Ulysses Johnson who stands by her side and who encourages her. And that’s why today and always and forever we can truthfully say that God has given us a precious and golden jewel. That’s why we the members of In His Face International Ministries along with our loving apostle can say that we truthfully love our pastor, our leader and our God gifted given shepherd. And that’s why we can brag, and we our very very proud of our pastor. We love you Prophetess and Pastor Connie D. Johnson.

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