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Pastor's Clay & Chelsea Aycock

by Angela L. Teach
(Kinston, NC, USA)

Pastor’s Clay and Chelsea Aycock are worshippers.

With skillful and godly wisdom, they have a simplistic way of sharing the Word by encouraging you to stir up the gifts that God has already imparted in you... those gifts that strengthen the body so that no matter what the circumstance may be, there is a way out.

God has given them a mandate/assignment of restoration, to raise and empower the body to walk in Kingdom mindedness, and to bring spiritual, emotional, and mental healing to the body through the prophetic teaching of His Word. My Pastor’s are compassionate, are spiritual mentors, equipping, developing and challenging God's people to excellence in ministry.

I solute you both.....

Pastor's Clay and Chelsea Aycock
Called To Conquer Church of Christ, Kinston, NC

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Thinking of You
by: Lisa Guion Hankins

Pastor Clay & Chelsea Aycock,
Hi and I wanted to solute the both of you for being such good mentors for so many people. Chelsea, even through we can't talk daily you're still on my mind. You're the only person I consider stil my friend. Clay, I thank you so much for caring my friend under your wings for so many years. Thank god for the both of you. God bless you both.

Continue to pray for me and my family.
Lisa Guion Hankins

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