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Pastors Allan & Michelle Worthy

by rita palm

Pastors Allan & Michelle Worthy
Open Doors....Christian Outreach
Centre Morwell Vic, 3840 Australia
Greetings....I do have to have a little brag...even though I know they would say.....its ALL JESUS....but GOD granted us some very special people to carry His Glorious Word to our little church.....Im only a year into this 5yr old GOD birthed story the usual...blind in sin, in rebellion...but since I allowed the Lord into my life He has done nothing but replace all my bad with good.....He gave me/us two very good Pastors....yeah TWO...GOD loves to multiply....thank you Jesus. Just looking at them,their marriage,their family,their life,our church....speaks volumes of how our Lord Jesus actually is...its a beautiful thing.....truly they are made for such a time as this...they speak His Words out to us,the world and the universe....and 'oh man'....right before my eyes I see His Word at work...its a miricle or rather to the likes of me....a revealing of the living truth....GOD LOVES US(God is not mad at you ,God is mad for you)....a message the world needs to hear right now. Love conquers all....I now truly believe this due to my Pastors,the love they pour out on a daily basis is amazing and we all know what Pastors have to endure each day...and yet they some how manage time for one and all with such grace and mercy,patience and love....which knocks me off my feet and I think all the more of our Saviour and what He poured out for us all.They are humble folk from a small rural place,brought up with Christian family and on farms,having dutifully helping their parents,leaving for education and work as they learned their life skills and building a good life together,being married and having 3 beautiful daughters.Born again in the 80's,changed everything....ending with them moving to our area 500k's away on GOD's request,becoming Pastors and planted a beautiful church,that is growing & maturing, which I now attend.I still cant talk GOD's word properly yet...but often want to drag people to watch and see our Pastors first hand...this is how its meant to be,this is how it should be...this how GOD wants it to be....they are beautiful examples of what GODs love looks and acts like in todays real world.What ever GOD gave them...they pour out to all and sundry....and yes I believe the good news is spreading simply because they have JESUS written all over their just can see the difference! They are helping to turn my stone heart into a life blood pumping pommegranet....whereby I now can love the Lord back and learning to love all(no mean feat)around me. I ask the Great and Good Shepherd to love,protect,guide our beloved sherpherds as they continue in the Lords work and life.I Love you Jesus Christ...I love you Pastors Allan & Michelle(well done)...Love to all,peace,health & happiness...rita palm Morwell Australia

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