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by Daniel Sherman
(Michigan, USA)

PastorCare is Partnering with God to promote emotional, relational, physical and spiritual health for pastors and their families. Their primary focus is to encourage, support, educate, and provide resources for pastors - especially pastors who are burned out, disillusioned, terminated, or have experienced moral failure. Their desire is to walk with pastors and help restore them to full health.

PastorCare, The National Clergy Support Network, was founded in 1995 by Dr. Filbert Moore. His purpose was to provide a confidential, Christ-centered ministry for pastors and their spouses in need or distress, with the goal of helping those who are called to ministry, stay in ministry.

Dr. Moore had himself experienced burnout. And through his experience God prepared him to walk with other pastors who were struggling as well.

Dr. Moore's original vision remains at the core of everything PastorCare does. In 1995, he stated his passion for ministry: "Wherever a pastor lives and serves, there will be people called by God ready to offer a variety of practical supports to under gird the pastor and family."

If you or someone you know is struggling in ministry, contact PastorCare today. You will find an understanding ear and encouraging voice in the midst of your trials.

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