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Pastor Willie B. Sanders

by Sharielle
(Tallahassee, Florida)

It is significant that we pause at this point in our program to pay respect to our shepherd and his helpmate for the services rendered.

Since coming to us, Pastor Sanders has done many things to further promote the growth of this church, China Hill Primitive Baptist Church. He has made our church family to know what “thus saith the Lord”, which has helped us to serve untiringly & unselfishly, steadfast and content. Pastor Sanders has strived to bring us the kind of sermons that the lord is pleased with. He has always reminded us that no man can work successfully without the company of the Holy Spirit.

Also, Pastor Sanders is a praying man. And through those prayers, we are felt more uplifted to work and to do Gods will of helping others.

It is not often that you meet a person who will place honesty above money; a good name before fame; showing sympathy by sharing with the less fortunate; standing for what is right; and one who has respect for all mankind. Well, today I am happy to say that we are honoring Pastor Sanders because he represents that type of individual.

We will be a bit remiss if a few words were not said about Pastor Sanders’ helpmate, Mother Jessie Sanders. She has been kind, loving, and sharing in all her husband’s undertakings. Her presence has enhanced many occasions of which we all have been a part from time to time. Our wish for her is God’s rich blessing.

Now some closing remarks concerning Pastor Sanders:
“Man of God, we praise you for the work you’ve done. Man of God, we praise you for the hearts you’ve won. Man of God, we praise you for the kindness given. Man of God, we praise you for bringing us a bit of heaven”.

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