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Pastor William David Hanley

by Deacon Melissa Silva
(Stockton, CA)

There is only one way for me to describe my Earthly Shephard and that would be a word for each letter of the alphabet: A stands for Astounding,
B stands for Brave,
C stands for Compassionate,
D stands for Determined,
E stands for Eccentric,
F stands for Fallible,
G stands for God-fearing,
H stands for Honorable,
I stands for Iconic,
J stands for Jazzed,
K stands for Knowledgeable,
L stands for Loving,
M stands for Memorable,
N stands for Nice,
O stands for Optimistic,
P stands for Persuasive,
Q stands for Quick Witted,
R stands for Reverent,
S stands for Stoic,
T stands for Tempered,
U stands for Understanding,
V stands for Vigilant,
W stands for Worthy,
X stands for X-trodinary,
Y stands for Yielding,
Z stands for Zealous.

These are a few of the characteristics of this special man that God has called to be the Keeper of Souls to the body of Christ we call The Stockton Fellowship Church Community. As a deacon of this particular member I am so blessed and grateful to say I am under the direction of a man of such stature and respectibility. I am proud to belong to this body and fellowship God has called me to.

My spriritual and emotional well being has been cared for while being allowed to grow under the umbrella of pure Grace teaching and the finished work of the Cross of Calvary.

My life has been entrusted to the care and instruction of this wonderful man, Rev. D. Hanley and the first lady Cherise Hanley. Thank you Jesus....

Loving respect and gratitude,
Deacon Melissa Silva

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