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Pastor Tom Skolrud

by Living Word of Silverdale
(Silverdale, WA USA)

Our Pastor Tim Skolrud is a good man. A Godly man. A man that any one of us can go to for encouragement, prayer or just to talk. Once I was doing some secretarial work and in came a man who, let's just say had quite an odor. He asked to speak with the Pastor, I used the intercom to buzz him and as I watched and listened to their meeting I began to be filled with joy. My Pastor was encouraging and (I have no idea how much, but what I do know is that the man left knowing that there was someone who loved him. Yes the Pastor, but also the Lord Jesus Christ). This same man passed away shortly after the day he had come to the church.

Pastor is faithful to visit the sick, the people in jail, and feeds the poor through our food bank. He once got a call when the church was closed, well, Pastor and his wife found out they needed food. Our church has a food bank. So, they loaded up on necessities and transported the food to the woman and her little children. Oh, and something needs to get done, he does it or at least tries.

This man is helpful, thoughtful, loving, strong and kind. We look forward to our church services and get togethers. It is a casual friendly place to worship and grow in our Lord Jesus Christ. We appreciate and honor you Pastor Tim, Julie his beautiful wife and their very special children.

With love and respect,
Your Living Word family

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good people
by: carol h

I know you pastor and his wife and agree with all that you have shared. They are real people of integrety. They love the Lord and love to share the Lord with people. That's a great combination for a pastor.

Carol H
Fairfax, VA

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