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Jun 09, 2014
by: Evangelist Cheryl G King

I met Pastor Smith a few years back when I followed another Pastor who was preaching at his church. I knew there was something about him and I wanted to stay. But as we are fleshly, and don't want to hurt any one's feelings, I did not seek him out. So now years down the road, and learning different pastors I began to cry out to God. I needed someone who would pour out the Word as it is given to them from God.One who trusts God completely. So God put Pastor Thomas E Smith in my spirit. I kept looking till I found him. Now oh what a joy, what a joy, what a joy. I HAVE ARRIVED! I AM GLAD and CONTENT! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! THANK YOU PASTOR SMITH FOR BEING GOD'S SERVANT AND BEING REAL. AMEN.

Nov 19, 2012
We are so happy to find you. Hallelujah!!!
by: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin & Bianca Ambrose Sr.

Pastor Tom Smith is one of the greatest Pastors we have had the privilege of sitting under.

We love him so much he is truly a God fearing man and all hell runs from him. He delivers the word of the Lord in simplicity and power, the truth of God's word flows from him and the power of the word brings change.

We have since moved and have always desired to find him. Praise our Lord God for this technology that enabled us to do so. Glory to God we will be so happy to connect and hear what the Lord is delivering unto him in these last days as we see the day approaching.

Aug 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello Pastor and Leading lady it seems like time has really went by really fast! As we approach 5 years im so happy to have two of the best leaders anyone could ask for! I love you and may God continue to bless us richly!

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