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Pastor Taavao Alualu

by Filipo & Susie Sipelii
(Honolulu Hawaii)


Our Pastor is truly sent from Heaven above. He is not only our Pastor he is also the founder of our ministry here in Honolulu Hawaii, Solid Rock Fellowship Assembly of God. He not only emphasizes "God first" he practices it. He is bold and yet loving, challenging his laymen, deacons, leaders of each ministry to step out of their comfort zone and up to the next level, not to mention he loves the little ones including them in his sermons so these little ones don't loose focus. He truly believes in "training a child in the way he should go so when he is old he will never depart from it" He's a big man with a big heart. He is married to an amazing woman of God Levaai Alualu and they have 9 children, 3 of his oldest girls are married and on their own however are actively involved in the ministry along with their husbands...(all 3 young ladies are under 30) they willingly come every Sunday and serve, pastoring youth and young children. 3 of the younger girls sing on the "praise and worhip team" and his oldest daughter plays the piano who also is the Youth Director and yet daughter #4 off to Bible College. And he's eldest son, Tyson Alualu was drafted into the NFL this year. He is a missionary on the football field. Pastor "T" teachings and beliefs really play an important role in the obedience and success his children have today.

Our Pastor is also the Chief Security in the Projects where they reside and attend church. This community has come a long way with our Pastor's presence. His hard work and belief in God has truly turned this community around. This neighborhood like any other has their share of problems however a great improvement has been seen in this commnunity once known as the worst projects on the island. Police officers did not dare come alone to this neighborhood when called, now with Pastor "T" watching over the officers no longer have this fear.

Pastor Taavao's mission statement SOLID= Stand firm for God at all times, Outreach lives for God at all times, Love God in everything we do at all times, Inspired by God at all times, Dedicate our lives and everything we do for God at all times. He not only talks it he walks it.

I thank our God for blessing this man in our lives, he had a big part in turning my husband's life around who quit drinking alcohol cold turkey,(my husband drank 7 days a week) 5 1/2 years later my husband has not touched the stuff. My husband has been encouraged by Pastor "T" consistently. My husband did not know how to pray before nor did he enjoy reading, now with the anointing of God he is a great prayer warrior and the Bible is the only book he'll read.

Pastor "T" truly loves God's ministry as well as the church members. He takes time out of his busy schedule to talk, counsel each family regularly and as needed. He knows everyone in his ministry by name from the eldest to the youngest. Our Pastor also takes the time to minister and counsel those who are not affiliated with his ministry. He holds a lot of community outreach acitivites on a annual basis from Hallelujah night to Thanksgiving luncheons as well as Jolly/Holy night.

A job well done Pastor Taavao Alualu thank you for your commitment and in keeping watch over our souls, for willingly putting yourself on a higher standard for our benefit. It commands us doubly to honor those who minister to us. 1 Timothy 1:7 says: The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.

With sincere gratitude Pastor "T", God bless you we love you.

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