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Pastor Spencer T. O'Neal

by Sistah Susan
(Stockbridge, Georgia)

Pastor Spence and Leading Lady Coylitia

Pastor Spence and Leading Lady Coylitia

I truly do appreciate the growth I have obtained under the leadership of Pastor Spence. He loves the Lord, is an awesome teacher of God's Word, is transparent, keeps it 100, has swag, and he loves people through his actions.
Pastor Spence is a giver to many with his time, his gifts of love, and his serving in the community and abroad. He is humble, has a great memory when it comes to knowing everyone's name, he leads by example, and passes these characteristics to his leaders over ministries.
He is so wise and observant, and his discerning spirit is through the roof and so on point. He hears from God, then takes the baton and runs with it until completion of what God has instructed him to do. He doesn't waiver from his mission.

He and his family will be celebrating 13 years of Ministry at Global Impact Christian Ministries, 125 Red Oak Road in Stockbridge, GA on August 25th. We will show our love that day, and continue to show it throughout the years.

One of his motto's is "When you visit GICM, you will have fun, learn something, and life will be changed. I receive that every time I enter the gates of GICM!

Pastor Spence holds a B.B.A. in Marketing from Georgia Southern University, a M.A. in Christian Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary, and Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University. It is his desire to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a practical and relevant manner. And he does that and much more. WE LOVE YOU PASTOR SPENCE!!

Sistah Susan

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Global Impact, forever in my heart.
by: Cheryl

3 Years ago I moved to Stockbridge Ga from Florida. I decided that I wanted to find a church where I could just attend on Sundays and go home knowing I did my part (traditions). To my surprise my first visit to Global Impact impacted me so much that I became a member and plunged myself into serving in the ministry. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the worship with Carrington and the word from our dear pastor Spence. No Sunday was the same and the Lord would minister to me in a different way about different aspect of my life. Pastor's way of rightly dividing the word of truth to the congregation was always timely and on point. Pastor Spence and his wife are exemplified in their leadership abilities. I was truly blessed the 2 years I worshipped and served with Global Impact as I had to move to back to Florida during the pandemic. My heart was and is always with Global as I continued attending virtually. My heart misses Pastor Spence and the Global family.

Happy 13 Years!
by: Konica Goodson

Let me say GICM and Pastor and 1st Lady O'Neal are truly a blessing! I came to GICM in 2018. I was visiting churches, but they were not what i was use to. After being at my past congregation for about 12 years, i wanted a church to fell like home to me....and GICM did that! From the volunteer in the community, to the greating when you first come, to seeing pastor in the pulpit with sneakers!!! I remember calling my mom after visiting say "I think i found what ive been looking for!" Happy 13 Years to Pastor and Leading Lady! You are truly a blessing and i am grateful to be part of such an awesome ministry!!!!

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