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Pastor Shawn Stickler

by FPC congregation
(Belleville, Ontario Canada)

An amazing associate Pastor, friend, and leader. This is how to describe Shawn. A new outlook but true to God's biblical teachings. Hard working, dedicated to our church and to God and his family.
Our youth have a wonderful visionary, a man of great ideas, great knowledge.

Along with his lovely wife Stephanie and three adorable girls we have a leader whose heart is to God. Dependable, loyal,and gracious, these are true Christian people who love and help people any way they can.

Along with our Sr. Pastor they make First Pentecostal Church a warm, friendly, loving church.

Along with their passion for people is Shawn's love for fishing, one day he will win the trophy fish.

We love, appreciate and thank them for all they do, the productions, the lighting, sound, etc. Shawn has a vision to bring God to more and more people in our area. We could not be what we are as a church without them.

We as a church and community are SO blessed to have them as our Pastor and Pastor's wife. God bless them both.

FPC congregation- of Greater Belleville.

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