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Pastor Search Values

What are pastor search values?

Your pulpit committee or the leadership of your church needs to determine a hierarchy of values. By that I mean that you need a list of priorities that you can compare to a potential candidate.

What you need to do is create a list of things you value in the order of most importance. Use the list below to begin ordering your values. Ask yourself what are the most important things you want your pastor to spend time doing. Add other values as you see fit. Eliminate values that don't apply to your congregation.

  • The importance a pastor places on his family
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Leading Prayer Meeting
  • Prayer
  • Worship planning
  • Preaching and sermon preparation
  • Hospital visitation
  • Home visitation
  • Shut-in visitation
  • Community involvement
  • Personal evangelism
  • Evangelism from the pulpit
  • Music involvement
  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Organization and administration
  • Developing lay ministries
  • The poor
  • Creativity and trying new things
  • World missions
  • Short-term mission trips
  • Maintaining the status quo
  • Cultural relevance
  • Excellence and quality in all areas of ministry
  • Small groups
  • Creating community
  • Creating strong families
  • Counseling
  • Finances, tithing, giving
  • Social justice
  • Sunday School and/or Christian education
  • Communion and Baptism

Put these values in order of importance to your congregation. Then on your questionnaire include this list and have the candidate order them as he values each item. You are not looking for a perfect match. You just want the most important things to be similarly ordered.

Once you have your pastor search values, it is time to start gathering pastor resume's.

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