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Pastor Samuell Hargers

by Sheaniqua Batty
(Ferris, TX United States)

He is a God fearing man. He gives God everything he has. He is a man of God that says for God, "I will live and for God I will die." He loves God because God loves him. He stands on what God said regardless of what the situation looks like. He has been tried by the enemy in ways you cannot imagine, but because he knows who he is and the authority he walks under which is the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he knows that he is victorious.

He always has an encouraging word for God's people. He has a beautiful wife but he always remembers his first love which is Jesus. God has chosen an awesome man of God who can handle the highs and the lows. God has chosen a soldier that doesn't mind fighting for the Lord and every time you see him, he is always on the front line ready to fight the devil, because Pastor Samuell Hargers knows where his help comes from. He knows that God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This man of God preaches with the authority of the Holy Ghost.

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