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Pastor Salary eBook

Why did I create the Pastor Salary eBook? The clergy compensation section of contains very popular pages.

Many people want to print the pages in this section. But there are ads on the pages. And printing from web pages can produce some unexpected results - results that make the print copies look not so good.

So I put the entire section, all 11 web pages, into a 30 page ebook. It is much easier to read in this format. And it is much easier to print as well.

I encourage you to print the entire pastor salary ebook and make copies for each of your church leaders.

However, please do not forward the ebook in an email message.

What Does the eBook Include?

The ebook contains each of the 11 web pages included on the web site. They are:

Pastor Salary Introduction
Insurance and Clergy Compensation
Professional Expenses
Pastor Taxes
Housing Allowance
Continuing Education
Church Parsonage - Should a Pastor Own His Own Home?
Pastor's Retreat

The cost for this download is minimal - only $3.95. That way everyone on your leadership team can purchase and download a copy if you don't want to print copies for each of them.

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If you'd rather just print each web page, leave this page, pastor salary ebook, and return to the main pastor salary web page.

Pastor salary is one of the most significant issues facing congregations today. That's because it is usually is the largest line item in the church budget.

Because of that, it is vitally important to handle this issue with caution and wisdom.

This ebook is designed to help you think about and plan for a better compensation package. My thoughts are not meant to be financial instruction - I am not a financial or tax expert. However, my experience has taught me a number of valuable lessons. So I encourage you to think through these pages with great care. They will help you get a better understanding of how to compensate you pastor.

Take care of your pastor. Encourage him. Show him/her your appreciation. There are many ways to do this. But the number one means for encouraging your pastor is to provide a compensation package that allows him to put his focus on the ministry and not on on bills.

Most people are struggling financially - I understand that. But you have it in your power to help your pastor devote more of his energy to ministering to you and your congregation. Help him do this without the stress of financial pressures.

This pastor salary ebook will help you do just that.

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