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Pastor Roosevelt Walker, Sr.

by Benita Walker
(Nashville, TN)

Pastor Roosevelt Walker, Sr. ... a man really after God's heart!

Pastor Roosevelt Walker, Sr. ... a man really after God's heart!

What makes my pastor so special is his humility. He does not care about being the center of anyone's attention. If you ever have the privilege of meeting this man, you will feel the presence of the Lord all over him. He's one of those "needles in the haystack" or "rare gems", you hear people talk about finding.

What I appreciate about Pastor Walker is that he genuinely loves the Lord. He has an authentic heart for Him and gives from it freely to help others.

He is constantly seeking to better himself spiritually in the Word, other written material and other forms of media. In bettering himself, he's able to help even more so, those around him.

Pastor Walker is a life-long learner. He is currently (Aug. 2013) working on his dissertation for his Doctorate of Ministry from Ashland University's- Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, OH. He received his Masters of Divinity degree from Virginia Union University's- Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology, in Richmond, VA. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR.

Pastor Walker has been at Faith United MB Church in Nashville, TN since 2005. We as members of FUMB are fortunate to call him Pastor and serve alongside him in ministry and through the vision the Lord has given him.

He is married to Benita (Blood) Walker and they are the proud parents of two wonderful sons and an amazing daughter-in-law (Roosevelt Jr. and Zachary (Dorinda)). Next to the Lord, his family are the most important people in his life. He's not ashamed to express his love, adoration or gratitude for them publicly or privately. They equally share those sentiments for him as well.

This tribute is to a very special man...he is God's Child, my Pastor, my Husband, the Father of our Children, my Confidant, my Best Friend, an Articulate Teacher and if that's not enough...he is an Awesome Counselor!

Pastor Walker, today, I give you your flowers which you so honorably deserve.

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