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Pastor Rondald D. Odom Sr.

by Sandra D Wigfall
(Boston, MA, USA)

Pastor Odom is a man who really loves the Lord. He is the founder of True Vine Church located at 40 Norfolk St in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Pastor Odom is a man who passed a difficult test shortly after beginning his ministry at True Vine Church. On October 18,2007 the church was opened. It was time to prepare for our first anniversary. Pastor Odom and his wife Evangelist Kim Odom were preparing for a big event when suddenly they heard gun shots out side their home. They knew their thirteen year old baby son was scheduled to come home from playing basketball at a nearby school. When pastor and Co- pastor Odom ran out side they saw a ball roll pass their feet. When they looked up they saw their baby boy lying motionless on the ground. Pastor Odom was reminded that Steven said we have to pray for our children on the streets. Steven wrote in his journal Near The Cross. He was a saved young man who played the drums in our church.

The test began for Pastor Odom who showed love for the person who murdered their child. All officials wanted to catch the murderer swiftly to prosecute. Pastor Odom prayed for all involved and stated they are God's children too. Through the difficult days a head of him he continued along with his family to call on Jesus. Pastor Odom and his wife continue to lift up the name of the Lord and Savior who is the author of their lives. He is a humble man who has suffered because of Christ's sake and that is why I can brag about my Pastor.

Sandra Wigfall

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