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Pastor Ron Lee

by Rick Sinner
(Grand Junction, Colorado USA)

On behalf of New Vision Assembly of God in Grand Junction, CO. A warm and heart felt thank you goes out to our pastor Ron and His wife Sheila. We are a small congregation but the unity and fellowship is strong and it is all because of the love shown by our pastor and his wife. Their love for the Lord guides the church to extraordinary music, worship, and especially prayer. Not a Sunday goes by where the Spirit does not move in the church. Tears of joy are always welcome as well as laughter for the Lord. We all Love Sheila and Ron and wish them well.

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Thinking of Pastor Ron & Sheila Lee
by: Mr.&Mrs.Jesse Escamilla

Pastor Ron Lee was our pastor in Golden, Colorado. It’s been over 10 years now and we still think of him and his lovely wife.Pastor Ron always gave a loving but powerful message to his congregation. He and Sheila care deeply for gods people, all people! Even though we are miles apart our thoughts and prayers are still with them.

Thinking of Pastor Ron & Sheila Lee brings a smile to our faces. Bless you always Jesse & Roxanne Escamilla

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