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Pastor Robert M. Cota

(Montebello, California)

Pastor Robert M. Cota, Pastor for 25 years in Montebello California. I have been under Pastor Cota's ministry for about 2 years.

Many things come to my mind regarding my pastor. He is sacrificial, humble, loving, and most of all obedient to Gods call.

Pastor works for the youth authority speaking to young men and women who have been involved in gangs. What an impact he makes in those forgotten lives.

I work under my pastor as the church administrator and the work he does which no one sees is so much more than what a person would do, but he does it without having a second thought of the sacrifice that is made whether it be his time, or money. He's always willing to be of service to those in need.

A man who was delivered from drug addiction, gang life and the miracle God had done in his life. Healed instantly from being a Heroin addict.

Many lives will enter the kingdom of heaven because of my pastor and I am proud to be be associated with Pastor Cota. He is a living miracle of what God can do for anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their savior.

Comments for Pastor Robert M. Cota

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by: David Saenz Jr

Hello Pastor Cota this is David Saenz Jr. Don’t worry it’s not my dad hahaha I just wanted to say that God has Truly used you in a mighty way!!! For me to be looking u up is Proof 😋 Unfortunately I am back in the System, but God uses Everything for His Glory right 😋 just to let you know My parents are both gone But I am here and Serving Jesus with all my heart!!! Here is my email if you would. like to communicate I am now 45 with a beautiful family of my own now😊 Thank You Jesus N

youth administrater of E.L.A in1988
by: Rosa Amavizca

I am glad that I found where to send a text to Pastor Robert Cota he was a great pastor I learned a lot from him, GOD Bless Pastor Cota, and all his family. I bless all the church where his worshiping.

Miss Your Preaching
by: David Ybarra

I visited Pastor Bobby Cota's church in E.L.A back in the early 1980's. It was great!!! I miss that fellowship dearly! It really helped me as a young Christian. Bobby Cota's ministry was truly guided by the HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST!

The Man I Knew, Before Pasto Cota
by: Rosemary Cortez

I've know (Bobby) or Pasto Robert Cota you see i'm his x sister in-law Rosie. I know the miracle that god gave him is true and needed badley. If God had not heard his family prays he would not be with us today. I was there at the time. After that happen Bobby had a hard road to go down. You see it's like the 3 steps of the AAA one of the steps is to proud himself to his family and that was one of the hardest steps in his life but he came thru it with flying colors of course he had god on his side. God has granted Pasto Cota of way of life that he needed and the way to help many of his followers. So God Bless you Pasto and hung in there and now pray for your Family and your brother he may not think so but he needs your prays. Bless you, Bobby

There is no one like Pastor Cota !
by: Leondra Medina

My pastor ... Pastor Robert Cota
This is a Real man of God !!! Babies even would be quiet in church n listen to Him preach ... Children mesmerized by his teachings n hundreds if not thousands of lives saved ...
He's selfless n loyal n obedient to God ..

I have so much to share about Pastor Cota
Where to start ... I met him at a bible study in Azusa with my mom n daughter one knows just how much we needed to hear what he had to share n teach us ... A time in our lives that was painful n scary .. We needed our father to carry us thru the valley of our enemies n he did just that .. We learned how to trust in our lord ... We learned how to worship our father .. My mom leticia was in the praise team n I was an usher .. He taught us how amazing it is to serve.. To serve the homeless to help our neighbors to Love n love some more ... He shared n taught us About Gods beautiful Love and the importance of knowing Jesus in a new way that we had never known ( being raised JW)
He opened up new ways to realize n accept the love God has for us God is our father our daddy our healer he's our savior our provider our strength .. He loves us with gentle n comforting ways like a daddy .. We can put everything in him n he will take care of us Carry us thru anything ... He makes a way where there seems to be no way .

I can go on n on about the many ways pastor Cota is a living example of Our fathers miracles ... I said it before I still mean it today ...I would follow pastor Cota to the ends of the earth ... He's the most loving real ever sacrificing man of god I know ... I misss faith outreach n I miss having the chance to hear pastor Cota's teachings n lunch after church ( how many pastors go to lunch with u after an amazing service ) he's humble kind n amazing ... So blessed to know n be taught by this man of god ... I love my pastor n pray for many many 10 folds of blessings upon Pastor Robert Cota !!! He deserves all his hearts desires ..❤❤❤❤shout out to all faith outreach I love n miss u all n cherish the times we had together

the best pastor
by: joann gaytan-rigor

hello my name is joann i went to faithoutreachm1997 to 2001 i was bless through the ministry of pastor cota i learned so much ..what god had planned for me pastor cota is a very special pastor god really knew what he was doing in EASTLOS ANGELES IN PASTORS HOME his testimony is so powerful i loved going to church to hear pastor preach and teach i will never forget the impact faithoutreach had in me i miss the church and i really miss pastor cota.pastor keep doing what your heart desires,i know god is using you still. i love you and may god bless you always your friend and sister in christ.

God's Grace through a Pastor's Eyes
by: Ernest Avila

I want to thank Pastor Robert Cota from Faith Outreach in east Los Angeles who is probably still Pastoring in Montebello. I met Pastor Cota in May 16, 1982 at a play that he had called Homie do you know Jesus. I had just recently two days ago was released from the Hospital with a Gun shot wound to my head and literally survived it. God was on my side. I went by the church to see the play but was contemplating either going in there or to my neighborhood in Boyle Heights. I ended up at the play and seen the play called Homie do you know Jesus and God showed me in that play all of my life and i heard the voice of God asking if i wanted to continue to live my life this way or change my life and that he would perform a miracle. I gave my life to Jesus but still struggled with my addictions and God used this man of God to direct my life. Thank you Pastor Robert Cota for all of your support and your faithfulness to God Almighty. My son who was killed by gang members because of where he was living was attending church there in 1995 and his life was taken but he knew the Lord and he was going to the very same church that i got Saved. I really miss my son a lot precious boy.

standing strong
by: david and rena

hi pastor cota ya it'us david and rena its been a long time were ok will never forget your persisdent in telling us about the lord god bless you and your familey

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