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Pastor Robert Farah

by Rebecca Dixon
(Meredith, NH USA)

God Is Moving Through Pastor Bob!

God Is Moving Through Pastor Bob!

Glory to god for blessing the lakes regions with pastor Robert Farah of the center harbor Christian church, bean road, center harbor, New Hampshire, USA with such a godly and powerful leader!

I pray the Lord blesses our Pastor Bob with a very special blessing. His dedication to our church and the surrounding community is beyond documentation!

Pastor Bob’s work in the community is vigorous work, often neglecting his own personal needs to give us comfort and direction.

He does so much, yet he receives so little in return. I praise the Lord for him and the godly family he and his wife Barbara have raised and sent out into the world.

Today I ask the Lord for a special blessing for Pastor Bob! I pray the Lord sends Pastor Bob all the resources he needs to meet all his visions! Thank you Lord for your glory coming through this man!

For the past 10 months i have experienced a closeness with the Lord that I never knew was attainable. I have always loved the Lord, but I truly never knew I could have a relationship with our mighty creator.

Since I have been attending the Center Harbor Christian Church I have been blessed with experiencing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in me.

It is because of Pastor Bob Farah and his ministry that I have experienced the blessings of the Lord in my life. His weekly sermons touch my heart and my spirit weekly.

Initially, I was amazed in the experiences I witnessed, now I am convinced, the Spirit is powerfully ushered into our church services through Pastor Bob, not only during Sunday morning church, but in Pastor Bob's presence! He is a God loving man with a powerful anointing!

God is moving powerful through Pastor Robert Farah!

Glory to god

Comments for Pastor Robert Farah

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A Prayer for Pastor Bob
by: Anonymous

If a person lives long enough, there will be trials in life; so I'm not surprised that the world's influences are trying to attack Pastor Bob, Despite the world, however, we serve a mighty God who answers prayer and looks out for his children.

I'd like to offer up a prayer for Pastor Bob and the Center Harbor Christian Church, that they can continue their great work. May God continue to uphold and strengthen Pastor Bob and all the other saints there who do so much for their fellow Christians and the community.

a truely great man
by: joe conforti

My family and I have known pastor Bob for years. It was in his church that I gave my heart to God. He is truely a great pastor and a man of God he has done so much for my family and my friends. I am proud to say he's my pastor

A Man of God 24/7
by: Leo Ward

In over 25 years of working with various church people, I have never known anyone that has put 100% - physical, spiritual and emotional love of God forth - the way Pastor Bob Farah has done and, is still doing.
To say he is a selfless worker for the Lord is a gross understatement. I hope that the community he loves so dearly will not close their eyes and turn their heads the other way at this time.
Pastor Bob loved the unlovable; the unlovely people that often were considered and treated as "throw-away people". He treated everyone with dignity, love and acceptance - just as they were.
It is this complete not-phony or just for show love that encouraged and helped many people to walk away from various addictions that held them captive and develop productive meaningful lives.
I thank God that I know Pastor Bob Farah and had a chance to work with him for a short season of my life.

pastor bob
by: Anonymous

you are the best so glad i met you im and very bless to be part of your church. love you jc

# 1 pastor bob
by: jc

im so bless to have you as my pastor and my friend. me and my husband love you dearly .you are the most caring person i ever met in my life.always taking care of everyone else around you. im so bless to find your church its the best.

by: Lisa Gerlarneau

Pastor Bob and his family have touched our lives in so many ways. I have been attending CHCC for about 4 years now and he is a true blessing not only to our family, but to all the people he helps. The food pantry has been a blessing to many families in need. His family shares his values and they all sing and teach. It is my honor to call this man not only my Pastor but a true friend.

Thank You Pastor Bob
by: heidi sherkanowski

I have been going to center harbor christian
church for alittle over a year and I have so
many Blessings in my life Thank The Good Lord
and That ol Rugged cross that bears all pastor
Bob has been a true blessing to all!!!!

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