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Pastor Reginald S. Boyce, Jr.

by Jeaunine Boyce
(Woodbridge, VA)

Pastor Reginald S. Boyce, Jr.

Pastor Reginald S. Boyce, Jr.

On April 14, 19**, God gave me the opportunity to come into this world with a wonderful brother awaiting my arrival. With his arms opened for his little sister, Elder Jeauniné Boyce, not only to protect me but mentor me in ministry.

I am proud to serve at the greatest ministry ever, True Praise Christian Worship Center, Inc. (Jamaica, NY) where my brother, Elder Reginald S. Boyce, Jr., is the Pastor. I thank God for the greatest father in the world, Bishop Reginald Boyce, Sr., who without hesitance passed the mantle to his son, Elder Reginald S. Boyce, Jr.

Elder Reginald S. Boyce Jr., is a highly anointed man of God with a pure heart which exemplifies his relationship with God. He is a worshiper with every fiber of his being. You can find him leading worship and praise on any given Sunday. Pastor Boyce is not only a preacher, who can preach you under the pews but who can help you to the door of deliverance, who can/will encourage you to move past your hurt, who will love you when no one else will. He is a prophet and you can count on it if he says God said it, it is going to come to pass. Just wait for the manifestation.

Not only can he break the word of God down in such an awesome manner, but he can sing...such a singer he is! He has an anointed voice with control and range that Destroys the yoke. His voice is used to uplift the name of Jesus, nothing more nothing less.

God has gifted him with not only preaching and singing but with a great "sense of humor". These days you can't find pastors that can and will laugh. It's not about being dignified but about enjoying Jesus. He believes and preaches, Much Prayer, Much Power, Little Prayer, Little Power. Such an anointed vessel of God, you can always find his membership following behind him, having his back no matter what, thanking God for the gift that they received.

We believe that the apple doesn't fall from the tree. His shows true character and a love for God's people just like his father, Bishop Reginald S. Boyce, Sr. I thank God for the mentorship not only in preaching the gospel but how to work in excellence in administration. As I watched him run our ministry while Bishop was pastoring, I learned what it takes to help the business of the ministry run smoothly. It's important to work in excellence and he has proven to be a "Man of Excellence".

He is such a great person who loves God, his family, and his church family. You can always find someone talking about the card, the call, the letter, or gift that they received from Pastor Boyce. He has a heart to give and I believe God will grant him his desires.

His nephews will tell you that he is the greatest Uncle ever. They have someone they can look up to without any issues attached. I thank God for this world renowned preacher, who will take this world by storm.

God has called Pastor Reginald S. Boyce, Jr., to spread the word in all parts of the earth! Please be on the look out for him. Just in case, you want to experience the awesome movement at True Praise Christian Worship Center, Inc., meet me at 161-24 Baisley Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 1134 * 718-712-0177. In the meantime, read on!

Proverbs 11:30, "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he that winneth souls is wise."

He is like the Prophet Jeremiah, before he was formed in the womb, God knew him. Reginald Boyce, Jr., was born February 18, 1970, in Brooklyn, New York, to God's leader personified the Bishop Reginald Boyce, Sr., D.D., and a woman of "courage" Lady Esther Boyce.

Reginald attended The August Martin H.S. and York College majoring in Business Administration and Psychology realizing that the letter killeth but the Spirit maketh alive. He also attended The Brooklyn Tabernacle Community Bible Institute where he was mentored by the Late Bishop James F. Copeland. Furthering his quest for knowledge he enrolled at the True Praise Community Bible Institute under the tutelage of his father and President, Bishop Reginald Boyce, Sr., D.D.

When the Lord asked whom shall I send, Elder Boyce answered, "Here am I Lord send me." In his formative years Elder Boyce, affectionately known as "Little Reggie", was a member of the House of David Pentecostal Apostolic Faith Church of God, Inc., under the pastorate of his great-grandfather Bishop Willie Graham, Sr. In 1986, he answered the clarion call of God and joined his father in ministry at the inception of the True Praise Church of God, Inc (now known as True Praise Christian Worship Center, Inc). Because of his anointing, dedication and proven leadership, Elder Boyce was ordained Elder in 1996 and was later installed as Assistant Pastor in 1998. In July 2003, during the First Holy Convocation of the United Fellowship Churches, he was appointed Associate Pastor during the Official Day Address. Currently, he serves as the Pastor of the True Praise Christian Worship Center, Inc.

The Lord blessed Pastor Boyce's ministry to travel extensively throughout Europe ministering both in word and song. He has traveled to such countries as: Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Austria. Formerly, Elder Boyce was a member of such outstanding performing and recording ministries as Victor Cook's Leviticus and Elder Jae Nisxon and Dunamis Ministries. Presently, he is employed with a premier Financial Service Provider, in Arlington, VA. This company was founded by the Former Comptroller of the Currency for the United States under President William Jefferson Clinton.

Pastor Boyce is a leader and visionary who has left an indelible impression in the hearts of many. He spoke into the life of his late brother Brian Boyce and is a strong force in the jewel of his eyes Elder Jeauniné Boyce. He has two armor bearers on the rise, his nephews, Kevin and Christion and three men of valor who serve him, his adopted children Darryl Cunningham, Christopher Ifill, and Jermaine Chrichlow.

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