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Nov 26, 2021
Pastor Phillip touched our family
by: Anthony Marco Fanizzas nephew

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. pastor Phillip showed my family truth and grace my uncle and him used to run the streets with gangs but God saved them both and nothing no nothing is impossible with God. Surrender it all to Him and let him use you to reach others for Christ.

Aug 25, 2020
Marco Fanizzas newphew
by: Michael Upchurch

Pastor Phillip was a great human being and pastor Phillip was an amazing pastor i have meet Rosa and there kids I believe it’s been a while since ive seen pastor Phillip and i took it hard as well as my uncle marco house of Stephanas had wonderful memories for me

Jul 23, 2019
by: (Lee). Leonor Alvarado

My son is going through it right now, and I look up Pastors name and I'm reading all the comments that they made. Brings back memories from when I first started going. Pastor Phillip; never new anyone like Pastor. Through all my struggles, ups and downs. Pastor was always there. A lot of times I didn't know he was watching over us. Me and my little tribe. My four boys. There were times I would show up to service late, and I would here "come to the pulpit". As he starts to pray over my kids and I, I hear Can't hide from the Lord. I've learned a lot from Pastor, and so did my kids. Our Spiritual Father. My oldest son Fernando had grown to love him. When he past away we took it very hard. The one thing that I can say is that I thank God for putting him in my life. For his love and his teachings, and his example to my kids.
Thank for being my pastor,my spiritual father, and my friend. One day we will see u in heaven. Your Sister, Daughter in the Lord
Leonor (Lee)
Fernie Sr, fernie Jr. Eddie,
Gabriel , Johnny
Alvarado boys

Feb 28, 2019
Thank you Jesus for Pastor Phillip
by: Anonymous

I know pastor has gone to be with the Lord sometime ago.I Icy Garrett was strolling down memory lane and found this post.I just wanted to give honor to where honor is due.Pastor Phil was an amazing man so wise and transparent.His testimonies allowed me to see myself living a clean and sober life.I will be forever grateful for Pastor Phil and my time at House of Stephanas.

Sep 13, 2018
Remembering Pastor Phillip Whitwell
by: Tony DeCastro

Saddened when I learned of Pastor Phillip's passing. I played Bass in the Montebello Church worship band along with Rudy, Sal & David.
I recently came across from recordings from Sunday services on cassette tapes from February 1982. Leading the congregation into worship with his cherished 12 string. Truly miss those days.

Apr 17, 2016
In Memory of Pastor Phillip

I am very sorry to hear of Pastor Phillips passing. I went to Hosea Ministries as a child with my Mother Norma & recently went online to look him up after enduring my own troubles in sorry to hear of his passing..May God have mercy on his soul!

Nov 14, 2015
Thanking God
by: Saundra C

For some reason I've been thinking about how I became a believer. I thank God for Pastor Phil and Hosea ministries where I first felt the spirit of God through worship. There are so many people who have blessed me and my children. I wanted to take a minute to remember one person who had the heart for hurting people and believing God to change us.

May 25, 2013
Was so happy to leave a comment @ nearly 12 am did not read a jewel of Gods servants had went home
by: Sis Verna Walker

Im both crying & rejoicing for Pastor Phil has received his reward! I don't know or care why or how... I just know after his service he is one of the few men that I saw Gods unwavering love in.
I will miss you dear man of God & pray for your family. You saw something in me & I am so utterly proud you were the one that led me to the Lord.
Can't say enough.
Respectfully in the Love of God,
Sis Verna

May 25, 2013
I'llI never forget...not in 25 yrs ... Not Ever
by: Your not forgotten- by me!

I was praying for you Pastor Phil, this is ur daughter-in-the-Lord & Co-Laborer in Christ Sis Verna Walker! It's been 25 yrs since u opened ur heart to a 20 yr old "hard head" African American when I had 'issues" with Latinos & no belief in God! But you opened ur heart & so did sis Lilly & Icy Garrett. It is my joy to let you know I'm well & still serving our Most High! I'm am the founder of my own business F.A.I.T.H Inc ( Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless. I also teach Praise Dance with ASL American Sign Language. My oldest is now 30 & an US Seargent in the Army serving 3 tours, my 27 yr old is a Chef & serving on the Deacon Min in his church with his wife & family. My oldest daughter who is 24 now dispite the seizures graduated high school & city college. My 21 is finding his way, my 18 yr old is heading to college, my 17 yr is in trouble but I'm letting God help him, my 8 yr old is the only child on an adult praise dance team & my youngest went to be with the Lord 2 years ago. I just wanted you to know through my life I have never forgotten you & ur family! Never once did I forget the mercy you showed me which is why 25 yrs later I'm still writing my songs & poems & dancing & serving God. Wud love to visit ... It's only me & my 2 girls @ home now but we'd love to visit you all!
Respectfully in the Love of Christ,
Sis. Verna Walker

Mar 21, 2013
a pastor's heart
by: Anonymous

i loved pastor philip ! he was truly a man after God's own heart ! i am saddened to hear / read of his passing...i didn't know til right now ! pastor and friend Phil Cookes, formerly w/ Teen Challenge and still pastoring in Hawthorne would love to re-connect w/ any of pastor philip's people or family. u can find me on FB

Nov 30, 2009
Pastor Phillip Lives on through the fruit of his labor.
by: Monica

Our wonderful loving pastor has touched so many lives. He lives on not only in our hearts but in our lives. La Habra Foursquare Mission Church continues to preach the Kingdom of God, disciple believers and prepare for the end time harvest! We who have been touched by Pastor Phillip Whitwell's ministry continue on to produce more fruit to his account, even after he has beat us home to our Savior! We love him and we honor him by continuing to run the race that is set before us! Pastor Rosa Whitwell continues the ministry which he began...

Nov 25, 2009
House of Stephanus
by: Peter Sorden

I met Pastor Phillip when I hitchiked from Tucson, Az to LA. I had been working in street ministry/half-way house there and was drawn to California. By God's providence I ended up at House of Stephanus. I lived in the group home there on Telegraph Road for a little over a year, getting to know the great people in the church, help out around the compound, minister to some of the other guys, sometimes sing a song for the congregation.

I remember when Pastor Phillip asked me to drive up to the San Francisco outreach with him, we had a great time of fellowship. Once there, as Victor Espinosa was soon to be married, Pastor Phillip asked me to work in the men's there in San Francisco. I worked there for about a year and was married by Pastor Ella Henderson in 1990; from there moving to Mexico.

I was able to touch base with Pastor Phillip a few times since then; heard about his being gunned down in the parking lot there in Montebello. He was truly a man after God's own heart.

I'm sad to hear of his passing, knowing that for his wife and family and the many friends he's made over the years, he will be sorely missed. But I rest assured that his place in the Kingdom is secure and his rewards great.

I am forever grateful to God for leading me to Pastor Phillip.

Sep 22, 2009
An Awesome Man of God
by: Hank Uribe

Pastor Phil, awesome man of God! He got saved; then Jesus Christ delivered him from drug addiction and anointed him to start an Outreach Ministry for drug addicts, homeless men and women! Opened men's and women's homes around the east L.A. area! I had the privilege of serving under him for about 15 years. I will always remember him as a close friend and the best example of What a Godly man should be! My whole family was saved under his ministry and I was the last! I am blessed because I got to witness the power of God and what the Holy Spirit can do in any person! All I had to do was be willing to give myself to God! Best thing I have ever done in my life! I have never backslidden since God delivered me from a life of sin; been about 26 years and counting! My best to Sister Rose and the Whitwell family; it was a great loss for all of us, that knew him!

Brother Hank Uribe

Sep 16, 2009
Phillip gathered the sheep Rosa prayed 4 them!
by: Tina Aranda Schahrer

I got saved in the Montebello church close to 30 years ago. It was through the preaching of Phillip Whitwell. Both he and his wife, Rose, took a genuine interest in my salvation and also my discipleship. Thru Phillip and Rose, I met and married their close friend Tommy Aranda. Tommy and I ended up in S. Central L.A. and eventually Echo Park. Before Tommy passed away, Phillip was instrumental in restoring Tommy and his son back into relationship. Phillip also officiated Tommy's funeral and I will never forget how instrumental Phillip was thru that difficult time. I later married again and asked Phillip if he would officiate our wedding and he did. I'm forever grateful for having a good friend like that as well as such a good pastor.

The last time I saw Phillip was at a funeral in La Habra, and what a joy it was to hear that they were ministering there and reaching out to the poor. I was so saddened to hear that he had passed away, and yet was so glad that I was reunited with him before that happened. It was bittersweet for sure. I got a chance recently to speak with Rose and feel confident that I will be visiting her soon. She sounded good and excited about the things God is doing in and around her...I know she has a wonderful family around her and I'm sure Phillip had a lot to do with that!

Aug 16, 2009
The little sister of one of his friends
by: Linda Shields

I was just thinking of Mike and where he might be. And then my brother Richard Cullen just dropped this e-mail to me. Mike liked to pick on me in a fun way. As a kid I always thought he was just so cute and when I grew up I wanted to marry him. I met Rosa once with my brother and I'm saddened to hear about this. Anytime my mother was having problems I would call him and ask him to check on her for me. I lost contact over the years as well as my brother. His mother had a big heart as well. She took us in once after some bad times. He will be missed. Hope all is well now with his family.


Aug 14, 2009
A very old friend of Phillip Whitwell
by: Richard Cullen

I was doing a web search for Phillip Whitwell when I ran across this. I spent many years as a pre teen, teen ager and adult as a friend of Phillips. I used to call him Mike until we grew older. I knew his wife Rosa but have never met his children. We lost touch many years ago when our lives were pretty messed up and we had no idea where we were headed in life.

Phillip found me one time when I was living in Bakersfield and he contacted me by phone and told me of his new found life serving the Lord. He prayed for me and we prayed together. I had also found the lord by that time but had not had the same calling as he.

I was shocked and saddened to read of his death on this web site. We were both the same age and I am still here for awhile.

I too will pray for Rosa and his family. I wish I had spent more time with him after we had grown up.

I am deeply sorry for the loss to all of you.

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