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Pastor Paul Earle

by Brandon Munoz
(Adelanto, California, United States)

A true man of God, Pastor Paul Earle in my opinion is one of the greatest pastors ever! There's no words that can describe how much this man has been an influence in my life. A calm, gentle man who is always there to give spiritual guidance whenever needed and just an all around good friend.

God has truly blessed Pastor Paul with many spiritual gifts but especially with preaching. This man can preach his big Jamaican heart out! :D Pastor Paul is a man who shows the love of Jesus through his daily life.

Pastor Paul is a man you can trust. He is there to help carry your burden when it seems to heavy. Pastor Paul is LOUD and PROUD about Jesus. I can always imagine him walking around the house and then yell "HALLELUJAH PRAISE JESUS!!!"

Pastor Paul can be summed up in this one poem
Holy is the man,
Who confesses to him,
Holy is the man,
Who praises him,
Holy is the man,
Who believes in the Son,
Holy is the man,
Who does his will,
Holy is the man,
Who fasts for him,
Pastor Paul's this man,
Because he loves him.

I love you Pastor Paul, you have been a big influence in my life and i will always look forward to continuing to grow with you. God has a special place for you in heaven.

Comments for Pastor Paul Earle

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by: Anonymous

Pastor Paul is a wonderful man of God. His heart is full of love for all people. Pastor Paul preach the word of God with wisdom from God.Thank you for being a good friend to us all.

God's Vision and Pastor Paul
by: Ally

It's amazing to watch God manifest himself on a daily through those that allow themselves to be the vessels. Pastor Paul is such an individual. Pastor Paul, represents self sacrifice, servant, friend, teacher, counselor and the list goes on. God's vision for this specific church and reaching could not and would not come to fruition through anyother. God has brought his people into full circle, and has brought the scattered sheep back to shephard He knows will care for them and tend to them. That man is Paul Earle.

Thank you Paul for showing us the true meaning of obedience. Thank you Paul for serving with us in this great ministry.

Awesome Man Of God
by: Ann

I'm so excited to see how God has touched my son's life through this awesome man of God. Our Pastor, Paul is a mighty man of God who has awesome things planned for our church and this entire desert that we live in. Our future will be very bright with him as our leader. I know that our Heavenly Father will be glorified through the work this man has planned. Thank You Pastor Paul!

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