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Pastor Patrick McNair

by Ms.Pat
(Rochester,New York)

Pastor Patrick McNair

Pastor Patrick McNair

Pastor Patrick McNair is the Pastor of Cross of Christ Deliverance Temple Church of the Nazarene, 597 North Goodman Street, Rochester, New York.

I thank God for allowing our church to have a pastor who is so willing to do the works of the Lord. He works along with his members. He doesn't just preach he will clean, decorate, rearrange, dust you name it he is there to help. He's there when he is needed. We are Blessed.

Pastor, we love you and we want you to know that.

Comments for Pastor Patrick McNair

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god is not dead
by: Anonymous

Pastor McNair keep on teaching and preaching gôd,s word,you have been a Blessing to mañy,especially the ônèsthat have except Christ you are à true man of god I pray that god will bless your life.for ever.

soul have been because of you
by: Anonymous

Pastor mcnairis a real man of god. god gave us to him to teach his word. he was a man that was hômely. god saved him and know he is telling the church and sinner's what god can do. Praise your holy name. you have led many souls to come to Christ. glory to god

by: Anonymous

I am not a member of this church. i have attended this church several times, i have received food from their food pantry, I have received counseling from this pastor, I have received kindness and love from the pastor's wife. i received all of the above and more and it didn't cost me a penny. Pastor McNair and Missionary McNair, you two are wonderful people doing extraordinary things in the community for an extraordinary God, and making an impact. Your labor is not in vain. Voice from the community.

i love my dad
by: quianna mcnair

As my dad all I have to say is he's the best dad anyone can ever ask for. Love you Quianna.

Brag Yourself
by: Anonymous

At the Cross of Christ, we have a wonderful Pastor. A Pastor who understands and a Pastor who spends time with all his members not just a selected few. You can call him anytime and he will come. He also has a very caring first lady. You feel real welcome in his church. Come visit us so you can brag also. The reason I haven't given my name is because when you reach out and show love and help our community, name is not a option. You do it from your heart so this tribute is from my heart.Love you Pastor McNair as well as First Lady McNair. God Bless. You're always willing to give us a chance. That "just try it" attitude is what makes you so special. "Just give God a Try", that's special. Real Special.Very encouraging especially for me. "I tried it and now I like it".

My Pastor
by: Tiajuana

My Pastor is a very strong man. He is a man of God with an agenda to bring gods people back to him and out of the devils back yard! Scene knowing Jesus with help of my pastor it has brightening the lives of my family for the better!
And in doing so I wanna say thank you pastor.

Nice Person
by: Bertha

You are a nice person and when I go to the church I enjoy the service. When I needed to talk to somebody you were always there. You are a Pastor who love all kids.That's what makes you so special.

Down to earth
by: Richard Good Jr.

I visited the church 2 times and found you to be a good man,someone I trust and I respect you highly. My kids love you also.

Our Pastor
by: Sis. Rita Burns

Glory be to GOD! Pastor McNair, I just want to say that you are not only a great Pastor, but you are also a wonderful person, inside & out. Not everyone is able to have a Pastor such as yourself. You work along side the members & encourage the members to do the same. You led an excellent fellowship & you are one in a million.

May GOD continue to bless you, First Lady & our fellowship home!


Sis. Burns

Pastor Patrick McNair
by: Anonymous

I do not go to the church regularly like I should but I want you to know when I go I feel welcome
by you and the First Lady. God Bless you!

Nice Pastor
by: Jazmine Davis

I like going to the church. I really feel welcome. You are a nice Pastor.

My Pastor
by: Kwondell Mathis

I love you and you always help people.

Nice Pastor
by: Kiema Mathis

You are a nice Pastor. You are kind and you love kids.

My Pastor
by: Jermaine Williams

You are a nice guy and I Love you for giving me gifts at Christmas. You are a good preacher.

by: Quaron Wright

I like the way you be singing, and I like the way you preach.

My Pastor
by: Shnieka Wright

First Happy New Year's. Just want you to know that you are a very special person in the Church and I love you for being who you are. Jamont loves you also!

Great Man Of God
by: Anthony

Pastor you are a Great Man of God. Keep going strong.

My Pastor
by: Rosette Robinson

It's been a while since I've been to church but I love you and miss you. You've always been there for me and I like that.

understanding its all about minstery
by: latrell

I want to 1st give thanks 2 God who is the head of my life. then i want 2 thank him for blessing me with one of the best pastor & 1st ladys ever. What makes them the best is when they can understand what their job is all about no matter how hard the job may seem they are still fighting this battle 4 the lord and are not giving up til this fight is over & as many souls as possible are brought to Christ; not trying 2 fight it alone but realize that we're still here and its by the grace of god its the anointing that breaks the yokes. don't give up and don't give in. love u and keep it up and if there is any way i can b a blessing spreading the word of god u can count me in. i will keep u and your family in prayer

Sweetest Alive
by: shanaynay

<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>see my pastor is the sweetest man alive and he treats everyone the same. When I have problems he's the one you can call on to talk and the first lady is like another 2nd mom to me I love her just like I love my mom ............. GOD BLESS YOU AND MANY MORE >>>LOVE YALL

Pastor McNair
by: Antoine

You are the coolest Pastor I know. Love You !

My Pastor & First Lady
by: Devante

Love You Pastor you and the First Lady

I Love My Pastor
by: Senseri Hall

I love my Pastor. I can talk to him and he will listen.He is a very nice person and has a wonderful family. On the Holidays he remembers the whole community as a family, not just his family. Please come visit our Pastor. I'm sure you will feel the same way we do as a community about him.

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