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Pastor Oscar McGee

Pastor McGee is truly a man of God. He is caring and he loves you enough to tell you the truth. He does not sugar coat anything. He is one of the best pastors on earth. God built his church recently and I know one day it will be one of the biggest. God has really blessed us with him. If you want to hear the truth you need to visit God's church Jubilee Fellowship on Boykin Road in Hephzibah GA. Currently it's a small church with a huge amount of Love.

Comments for Pastor Oscar McGee

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God Did Bless Them
by: Anonymous

That is true. I've known them for a long time and I thank God for him.

An Amazing Pastor
by: Maryanna

He is amazing and loving and cares for everyone. No matter your status or whatever it may be. In our church there are no big I's or little U's!!!! Everyone is equal and you can't say that about most churches, I know. But if you ever get a chance to visit I promise you will not regret it!

I love him too!!!
by: Maryanna

I go to Jubilee Fellowship as well and it is amazing! Pastor Oscar McGee is one of a few men of God who cares enough about his church members and to everyone to be honest and blunt if asked his opinion. He is an amazing preacher and he gives all the praise to God, which is who it is all about!!!

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