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Pastor Northern Coney

by Nanattee Fredua-Mensah
(San Antonio, Texas)

God has blessed our pastor in 1995 to organize First Timothy Missionary Baptist Church, here in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas. We have been standing now going on 15 years, September 2, 2010. Even though we are a small congregation we are BIG in the Lord. God has given us a loving and devoted pastor and family.

In his fruitful years of his ministry his health came under attack and physical strength began to weaken him. He became disable in 2003,spinial cord injury. Yet often in pain he continue to give much encouragement to those around him.

Being a disable veteran, Pastor Coney, continues to preach because he loves the Lord. He's humble, meek, and gives God all the glory for anything that he does. He keeps pressing toward the mark, never wavering, sometimes tired, sometimes exhausted, but never giving up. He never let his disability stop him. Many have been blessed, and many have been set free. Thank you Pastor Coney for allowing the Lord to use you in a Mighty way. We Love you.

The members of First Timothy Missionary Baptist Church

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by: Sis. Brendolyn McFarland

It was a blessing to meet you and Sister Coney. Each time we were in fellowship with you I received a blessing and Sis. Coney always had an encouraging word. May God continue to smile upon each of you.

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