Pastor Naira Ezaza

by Solo

What an opportunity to tell the World about my Humble Pastor, called Pastor Naira Ezaza. Officially, he is Pastor Abeokute JEN Akpoigho. First and foremost all his names sounds funny, but he meant what they are; By tribe he is an Isoko guy brought up in the Northern part of Nigeria, how comes ABEOKUTE sounds more like Yoruba.

Akpoigho, that's ok, meaning the World of Money.
What about JEN; He says J is for Jonah
E is for Ezaza, N is for Naira.

That reminds me of the acronyms of the President of Benson Idahosa University, I mean Dr FEB. What a wonderful acronym.

In all pastor Naira as popularly known is a simple great man of God with high taste of excellence and prudence. With his team of leadership, a lot of us in CGM, Church Reloaded can say God is good.

Keep on Pastor, we love u....................

From Solo B,

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