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Pastor M.L. Holdman

by Ericka L. Davis
(Tulsa, OK)

I used to hear people talk about their spiritual father and wondered, "what does that mean?" Since 1996 I have been on a journey that is teaching me what that means. My bible tells me that God will be a father to the fatherless and I have found that to be true!

Pastor Holdman is a shepherd like no other. He is a man of God who diligently seeks Him in order to help his flock get to know Jesus for ourselves. There is no hour of night too late or no hour in the day too early for you to be able to call him for any need you may have. While he has an excellent Ministerial staff, when a call is made, he doesn't delegate and send a staff member he activates and goes where he is needed with a few of his staff members in tow! He is there to give that gentle hug and that small still voice that says, "don't give up now...keep going, you're going to make it and your latter will be greater!" and he's there to give you that stern "come to Jesus, not leaving this office until you have a full understanding!" talking to. I am blessed and thank God for sending me to Faith, Hope and Charity and allowing Pastor M.L. Holdman to be my spiritual father!

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