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Pastor Mike Shaffer

by Debbie Taylor
(Tujunga, CA. United States)

Pastor Mike & Barbara Shaffer

Pastor Mike & Barbara Shaffer

Pastor Mike Shaffer is the pastor of a flock of approximately 200 people at Open Bible church in Tujunga California.

I am one of the sheep in his flock. My name is Debbie Taylor, I also have an online ministry and often get told Religion, Church, and the Bible are of man.

This is my answer to them. You may be correct with the exception of the Bible because it is God inspired.

I tell them may we are the exception to what they think may be the rule. We are a blessed church in so many ways but mostly because of the Shepherd of our flock. Pastor Mike shows by example, and we not only come to fill pews on Sunday mornings, but we are there for each other. When one member is sick we are there, when one member has a baby we are there bringing meals and just going to see the new bundle of joy. We are known in this valley as the church that prays, and where the good Lord blesses with answered prayers. When someone is sick, we pray for them, and are there for them.

If someone needs something someone else will always come through and provide and it's usually Pastor Mike leading the efforts. Pastor Mike is there for each and every member of his flock. It's not just an 8 hour day for this man it's a 24 hour blessing to all those that he comes into contact with.

He also practices what he preaches and reaches out to not only the community but the world. Our little congregation raised the money and sent a team to build an orphanage, church and a water well in India. We have also done the same for many years in Mexico. This poem fits Pastor Mike.

This pastor appreciation poem was written by the author for her pastor's ordination. The word "pastor" is used as an acronym.

A pastor’s heart is Protective
and guards his flock from Satan’s snares.

A pastor’s heart is Attentive
and seeks to know his people’s cares.

A pastor’s heart is Sacrificial
and for his sheep will give its all.

A pastor’s heart is Tender
and listens to the Spirit’s call.

A pastor’s heart is Obedient
and heeds the Master’s commands.

A pastor’s heart is Reflective
to convey God's loving plans.

Comments for Pastor Mike Shaffer

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by: Anonymous

I just wanted to share a few words on Pastor Mike and Barb.
I never thought in a million years that I would a member of a church. I am so thankful beyond words for the loving support I get from OBC and those who attend here and give so freely without expecting anything in return.
I feel very gifted to be a member here and to have Pastor Mike as our Pastor. He is caring, sharing, honest and reliable. The support in this church is more that I have ever experienced anywhere and I am so blessed that the Lord brought me here and I know it was for the love of this church I'm still here. God has and is continuing to bless me and my family.
Thank you to Pastor Mike and Bard Shaffer for all your LOVE and Constant SUPPORT. Your blessings will be great in heaven, I pray!
With much LOVE......

We love you Pastor Mike and Barb
by: Tara K. Cuevas

Pastor Mike and Barb, you have been more than Pastors. You have been dear friends to our whole family.You have been encouragers, and have sincerily cared about our well being. You've noticed me and my talents and abilities when I felt like I have been invisible to everyone else.I thank you. Thank you for pouring out into my children and loving on them and inspiring them to be their best. Thank you for praying on behalf of our family. Thank you for the time you devote to our Heavenly Father and sharing the messages the Holy Spirit imparts to you to help strenghten us and our own individual walks with the Lord.Thank you for the hugs, and smiles, and your time to find out how we are. Thank you for being you.

Christ love in action
by: Anonymous

Our pastor's have the most selfless hearts I have ever seen. They will give you the shirts off their back if you are in need, they always put our needs above their own. they are there for us no matter what the time of day, just knowing we can count on them is a blessing in and of its own. we love you more than mere words could ever express P.M.S. and Barb
We are more than blessed to call you our pastor's

May God continue to richly bless you for all the sacrifices you make for us.

Simply The Best.....Better then all the rest......
by: Anonymous

Your the best Pastor Shaffer......We are the luckiest church in the Whole WORLD

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