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Pastor Michael Smith

My pastor has got to be one of the best guys ever! He never stops, never gives up! I have watched him grow so tremendously in his ministry of Lord. I see the spirit of the lord in everything he does and in everything he says! He is truly a man of God! He does not water down the word of God; he speaks the truth no matter what! He is a hero in my eyes; he is leading his flock and winning new souls to Christ all the time! His heart is for the lost and he agonizes when he meets a lost lamb. He is a preacher, teacher and a great friend! I love him with all my heart!

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by: robert chadwick

@ 77 I have been around the block a few times. 2 preachers stand out during my time, one in Liverpool UK, my home town, the other a Catholic Priest in Newport News, VA.
Now Michael Smith, Mike, he does indeed teach as he preach's so every Sunday he improves my knowledge.
We were invited to Mt. Moriah by a lady in the YMCA whom my wife had become friends with. We have been attending now for 15 weeks.
The first sermon was one in a series so we could not relate, not knowing what went before. The next week however was so uplifting and spiritual I had to do a double take. This was no ordinary Man, Disciple yes I asked members of the congregation is this usual the way he relates, it is.
The icing on the cake with Mike is his funny bone, he always finds a way to include comedy which makes every Sunday an event.
Everybody Loves Mike because he is Lovable but to me otherworldly. Here is a man totally devoted to the Lord God our Saviour. Mike could walk the earth just as Jesus did and every Sunday it is as if God is speaking thru him.
Today 05/14/2023 he spoke with a fervor and passion which ignited the spirit. He was empathetic and compassionte, caring and Loving he was up there with MLK, John Lewis and JFK.
Here is supposedly a mere mortal, a preacher of note but to me when in his presence this is no ordinary Man, he had to have been anointed at birth.
Anyone can question how I see Mike but I am not wrong, here is a man walking with God everyday and giving of himself unselfishly and teaching brilliantly.

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