Pastor Melinda Clark

Pastor Clark you are a Dynamic Women of God in the word AND out of the word in everyday life. There is no difference when I see you. You're always pushing others in the face of reality with the uncompromised word of god, always standing and enduring even if your by yourself until the chains of bondage are broken. You are the example of your flock. The spirit operating in you commands change to happen, all because of your obedience. And you know what I know its not easy to be you, So i want to say Thank you so much for your love and concern for my soul and growth I appreciate it, lol you know not too many pastors are concerned as diligently about their sheep after the point they except Christ. BUT YOU ARE. You're a true blessing in BBCT, and a great mother and keep going keep doing great and awesome things. I'm right here rooting for you!! KEEP GOING!

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