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Comments for Pastor Matthew S. Lash

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Aug 29, 2009
Non-member (just enjoyed the tributes)
by: Angelia

I was just reading all the nice things the congregation said about their pastor, Pastor Matt, I was very impressed at so many wonderful things being spoken about the man of God. Just reading made me feel like I know the pastor. I would like to say, Pastor Matt, keep doing what you are doing to win souls to Christ and encouraging all the people of God, even your great work with the youth and making the people of Christ feel so comfortable with you and your family. Man of God Be Blessed as you continue in the ministry.

May 12, 2009
pastor matt :)
by: megan

Pastor Daddy,

I am so glad you left Michigan to come to Advent. It was one of the greatest gifts I think our church has ever gotten, haha. You are amazing and probably the best thing that ever happened to the youts. No one else would have ever been brave enough to drive thirteen hours to Cedar Point with us. But then again I bet you didn't think we would be making farting noises the last ten miles did you? haha. Thank you for being so patient with all of us, and listening to and caring about our problems. I'll never forget the times you have stuck up for me papa smurf. Thank you for everything and of course, i love you. :)


May 03, 2009
Pastor Matt, my pastor
by: Maggie

Dear Pastor,
I know we have not talked as much as you have talked to other members of Advent, but it does not mean that you have not been an important part of my life. I wish that my husband Jim would be a part of my church family; however, to this point he is not. I wish to thank you and your wonderful family for making the difficult decision to leave Michigan and come to the hot south. I hope you have adjusted to the heat. I haven't yet! I , also, hope that you and your family feel the gratitude, appreciation and love that all of us at Advent have for you. Here is wishing that Marsha remains happy in Augusta, that Jen has great success in grad school and that Matthew has peace of heart and mind during this time of life. Hope that you are here for many years to come.

Sincerely, Maggie.

May 01, 2009
We Are Grateful for You
by: The Smith's

Wow, where do we begin? Reading through some of the other comments echoes the same feelings and thoughts we have for you. We have been members of Advent for over twenty years and never felt like we ?belonged" until you became our Pastor. You have truly been a blessing in our lives as well as the congregations. Being a Pastor is genuinely your calling.
Thank you for all you do and we pray that you will be at Advent for a very long time.
Karen, Billy, Dillon, and Noah Smith

May 01, 2009
My pastor and my friend
by: Nancy Tokarska

Dear Pastor Matt, you are such a blessing to our church and most of us don't have the words to tell you what you mean to us as our pastor. You keep us inspired with the word and hopefully let us represent Advent to the area. You do mean a lot to us and I sincerely hope you know it.


May 01, 2009
Best Wishes
by: Anonymous

Best wishes for the coming years. Thanks so very much for your love to our family, Mom, Gabriel, and me. We love and appreciate you and your family so very much.
Jeanne & Gabriel Davis

May 01, 2009
It's Always Great to See You
by: Lillian Zamecnik

Pastor Matt,

You have made Advent a home and the congregation a family. It is always great to come back from school and have the opportunity to see the growth in love, devotion, and spirit that occurred since my last visit. It is difficult to see the strides that are made from day to day, but Advent has improved greatly and is a church to be extremely proud of. Thank you Pastor Matt for creating a nurturing, enthusiastic spirit at Advent Lutheran.


May 01, 2009
by: Kim Aiello

I'm so thankful that you came four years ago and have chosen to stay with us. I may never have told you "thank-you", but you have truly been an inspiration to me which has kept my faith secure. Your sermons have lifted burdens from my shoulders and through you and your words, I know the Lord is answering my prayers. Your work with the youth is also amazing, especially your commitment to the teens.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family,

May 01, 2009
Words fail me (!)
by: Ingrid

Matt, I've been thinking and thinking on how best to express my appreciation for you, your work, your mission, your ministry, your leadership, your friendship - and I can't find the words! Which I know is hard to believe - I know more words than most, but I can't find just the right ones to thank you, and thank God for bringing you to Advent. It has been an amazing journey these last several years working with you on Confirmation to grow and improve the program, leading with you on Council, praying with you as my Pastor through joys, sorrows, health scares, and family drama, and enjoying your friendship during it all. Thank you for your dedication, your time, and your heart, for YOU. I couldn't have had a better "teammate" to work with! Thank God for His blessing us with you and your family!
In Christ's love,

May 01, 2009
by: Judy Ramsey

Pastor Matt,

Congratulations on your four year anniversary of serving at Advent as Pastor. I truly enjoyed working with you and worshiping with the congregation while I served as Director of Music. You are such a blessing to the congregation at Advent, and worship services under your leadership are so meaningful.

May God bless you and your family as you continue to serve him at Advent!


May 01, 2009
Pastor Matt,
by: Anonymous

Thank you, for being His eyes, His hands - that remind me that I am loved and forgiven each time you pass me the small wafer and speak the words of my Lord. You have shown me it is the simple things that show the love of Christ. May you and your family be blessed and stay "southerners" for lets say another 30 years or so.


Apr 30, 2009
We Appreciate You!
by: Albert & Irene Trappe

Please accept our appreciation on your anniversary of service as a pastor. We appreciate the time you provide of yourself to relate Christ?s message to us, church service, bible study, children?s message, and all other related work.


Albert & Irene Trappe

Apr 30, 2009
Very grateful
by: Dieter and Ulrike

Dear Pastor Matt,

We have to join all well-wishers with more accolades and must underline all the words of praise and thanks that have already been spoken/ written. What a blessing the Lord bestowed on us when he sent you to Advent. Your constant hard work and care of bringing the Lutheran faith deeper into our hearts is so much appreciated. If we lived closer to church and not 20 and more miles away you surely would see more of us.

We wish you and your family continued good health and lots of energy for all tasks ahead for years and years to come.

Ulrike and Dieter

Apr 29, 2009
Pastor Matthew Lash
by: Robert Bisbee

Dearest Pastor,

I would like to extend my personal appreciation for the warmth and comfort you have brought into my own life extending the Lords word and bringing me closer to him through your highly articulate ways of expressing the true meaning of our Savior.

I have not really felt being a part of a church family until you came into my life & showed me a new beginning in my faith, thoughts & living of my life. I do appreciate also the trust you place in me in all regards. Through Gods words & actions in you, I have become stronger in faith and feel more complete of a person trusting in God.

Thank you for the love you express & you will always be loved by me. I wish you blessings throughout your life as you have been one to me.

Sincerely, Robert (Bob) Bisbee

Apr 29, 2009
Pastor Matt
by: Carlette and Dylan

We were not involved with a church until we came back to Augusta. At first only Dylan came with his aunt and uncle. I now hate to miss a Sunday. I have learned a lot and you have always made us feel welcome. I don't know if we would be coming to church if it was not for you.

Apr 29, 2009
Our friend, Our Pastor
by: Eric, Candy & Kaleigh

It?s hard not to look back and remember when you first arrived. We knew what it was like to move from the north to the south leaving all your family and friends behind. We understood your fears and hesitations. So our first thought was let?s invite you to join us in what we do best here in the summer. Camping and tubing out at the lake. I will never forget the look on your face as you held on to that tube for dear life as Eric drove the boat. Of course everyone is hanging on for dear life when Eric is driving the boat. My mom knew then we had a praying pastor. That is a fact.

You have shown us in more ways than one that you are a praying pastor. You have opened your heart to our church not only with stories about your life but about your faith. You have shared your faith journey from when it began until now. The good and the bad experiences in your life and how you have counted on Jesus to see you through. You have taught us about God?s mercy and grace with out judgment. How he loves us unconditionally. Thank you. I know that in order to do these things you have to have a personal relationship with Jesus and that comes through prayer.

Our prayer is of thanksgiving. We are thankful to God that He brought you to our church, yes but most of all thankful that you are our friend. Pastors can come and go but friends last a life time. We love you!

P.S. We love Marsha, Jen and Matthew too.

Apr 29, 2009
Heaven Sent
by: Cheryl Graham

My mom always told me that your church is an extension of your home, with the Pastor as the head of the family. She said never to settle for anything less or you will miss out on the journey.

The very first time I walked into Advent and heard Pastor Matt's infectious laugh and was greeted with such a smile, I knew I found home. After the service I realized that I actually listened to his entire sermon and understood it and was able to apply it directly to my life.

The second Sunday I attended, the same thing happened again - another sermon listened to and understood. It was like he wrote the sermon just for me and when he said hello - it was hello Cheryl. After only meeting me one time, he remembered my name.

Let's face it, as a temporary single parent who is lucky to get maybe 4 hours of sleep a night, the last thing one would think I want to do is roll out of bed in the wee hours of a Sunday morning to go to church. My one and only morning to sleep in and I still get up. Why? Because of you, Pastor Matt - plain and simple.

You are more than just a preacher - you are a teacher who has inspired me and opened up my heart to what it is really all about. After 43 years I can finally say I get it. It's just not about Sunday's. It's about every day life and mine has become so enriched since you and Advent have become a part of it and for that I will be forever grateful.

During my pregnancy I prayed to find a church that I could call home and to raise Christopher in. My prayers were answered and you were truly heaven sent.

Much love to you and your wonderful family. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all!!

Cheryl Graham
(and Ryan and Christopher too!!)

Apr 28, 2009
by: Lynn Green

Advent Lutheran Church is one of my "second church homes", especially so since Pastor Matt was called. I suppose our love of music connects us in a special way, but our love of our Savior and Lord connects us so much more. I can say without a doubt that I have enjoyed working with you, Pastor Matt, whenever I have substituted at the organ at Advent. God has blessed Advent with Pastor Matt and his family, and vice versa. I pray that you will be there many, many more years. Your sister in Christ.

Apr 28, 2009
Thank God for Pastor Matt!
by: Gayle and Ron Ricklefs

Five years ago we, as a congregation, prayed earnestly for God to bring His best to be pastor of Advent. Without question He has done that in calling you to lead this church. We are thankful that you and your family took the leap of faith to leave Michigan and come to Georgia.

Each Sunday we look forward to the worship services, for you always lift up Jesus. Though we've heard the scripture lessons multiple times over the years, you manage to add a surprising twist to your sermons and make them applicable to our lives today. You vary the worship so it's not rote, but real. Your children's sermons are priceless. It warms our hearts to see the comfortable rapport between you and the boys and girls. Now going to church is a joy! You challenge us to "get out of the boat" through Bible study and new approaches to visiting visitors and the sick and shut-ins. You are a wonderful mentor to the youth, also. Thanks for being a true shepherd and friend.

Apr 28, 2009
Thanks Pastor Matt!
by: Jim & Barbara Plumley

Pastor Matt,
* We are so very thankful for you, your wife Marsha and your daughter & son, Jennifer and Matthew Ryan. You heard Advent calling and enthusiastically responded to us - only four short years ago. Thank you!
* We thank God for all your hard work, long hours, your insight and dedication to Christ Jesus. We appreciate you continually going the extra mile, taking us to a new and wonderful spiritual level each week. Thank you!
* You are are such a wonderful and truly dedicated Shepherd to us here at Advent. You have enriched each and every one of us. Your suggestions and new worship ideas have made a tremendous improvement in our worship - not only in our weekly devotions but also in our daily walk with the Lord. Thank you!
* Your sermons are second to none! You have a terrific way of explaining the similarities and the relationship between the Biblical words of scripture written long ago with our current day to day experiences. Your message & thoughts are a very personal & meaningful message to each of us. With this new insight you give us each week, we can begin to see how to put our faith to work each & every blessed day. Thank you!
* This has been an amazing, miraculous, wondrous and eye opening 4 years you?ve shared with us here at Advent. We look forward to many, many more years of learning and worshipping with you and your family.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jim, Barbara and all the rest of the Plumley / Kitts family: Joey & Marie, Jenny & Kyle, Crystal & Travis, Daniel and Timothy. We all love you!

Apr 28, 2009
We Will Miss This Wonderful Family
by: The Fiegen Family

Pastor Matt,

It is hard to believe that a persistent student is the reason we are here at Advent. We wanted to find a church where we would feel at home, and visited a few in Augusta, but none of us was completely comfortable with the places we visited. Then, Nick Pravato kept after me to visit the church, and I decided to go (if only to stop him from asking). Boy, are we glad we did. What an awesome church and congregation!!!

Scott and I met and married in Hawaii, and when we think of this church the only word that comes to mind is family. In Hawaii, they call your extended family, the one full of people who mean something special to you, an "Ohana." We will truly miss the Advent Ohana when we move, and look forward to coming back to see everyone in 3 years. We also hope to have visitors.

Pastor, every time we hear a sermon, it seems like you know what we have been through that week and you are speaking directly to us. Scott said that he has never felt such a strong bond to a church, and that is a lot from someone who was raised Catholic and attended the same church regularly as a child. For the first time in her life, Paris is really starting to find her faith, in the true sense of the word. Nicole's faith is growing daily. And Jeffrey is beginning to find his faith. He cannot wait to take communion with everyone else, and reads his Children's Bible all the time.

The children have never felt so connected to church. They love the friends that they have made and the people here who are so caring and supportive. Nikki said yesterday that she really misses the Soup and Supper on Wednesdays. For all of us, not coming on Wednesdays is a void in our lives.

I truly thank God for having this church and the support of the people here when my mother died. She was one of my best friends, and this is the hardest thing I have EVER had to go through. Through the support and caring of everyone who offered an ear, a shoulder to cry on or lean on, and a hug, I am making it through every day and know that my mom is in a better place. Thank you for creating an atmosphere full of wonderful people.

Keep doing what you are doing. It is obviously working, and we can't wait to be back in three years to be a part of all of this again.

You are a wonderful man and an important part of our lives!!

Thanks for all that you do every day!!!!!

The Fiegen Family
(Scott, Paris, Nikki, and Jeffrey)

Apr 28, 2009
Pastor Matt
by: Di & Kip

Pastor Matt,

We are so blessed to have you as our pastor. You came at a time when we were searching for something else to fulfill our Sunday morning, weekly and daily spiritual need. You filled that enlarging gap with your sermons, wit, sermons, creativity, sermons, childlike love for all people, and sermons. Did I mention sermons?

You have added so much to all seasons in the church; removing the same-ole-same-ole concepts each year and replacing them with new and creative presentations, helping us look more deeply at our salvation.

Whoda thunk we'd have taken a Michigan pastor and convinced him to try tubing and jetskiing? What a guy! Thanks for being you! And thanks to your wonderful family for being a big part of it.

Apr 28, 2009
by: Robin Waldron

Being the "Skeptic" that I know I am, there has been a constant in my christian path lately, and that constant has been you. In an odd sort of way, I can relate to all of your lessons, sermons, comments and patterns of life. You love your spouse, your children, your family and also your church family without hesitation or question. You are truly a man to be admired, loved and cherished. Thank you for being there for me and understanding enough to let me be me.

God Bless Always, Love R

Apr 28, 2009
Pastor Matt
by: Anonymous

by: Julie Fillgrove

Thank you for being here and for everything you do for the church family. Many times, I have sat and listened to you speak of things that I was feeling or had been feeling. I felt so much peace. I especially like the conclusion, where you speak so softly and intently, where you are speaking from the heart. Peace to you and the family.

Apr 28, 2009
Exactly What We Need
by: The Studdard's

Pastor Lash has been breathing life into our congregation and ministry from the first day he arrived. Whether he is teaching God's word to us on Sunday morning or cruising down the lazy river with our youth group during their summer retreat, Pastor Matt is always giving of himself in a way which expresses God's love and understanding. It is hard to explain how one person could make such a difference but I truly believe that Pastor Matt's presence is exactly what Advent Lutheran Church needed to prepare us to do God's work. We are so very happy and grateful to have Matthew Lash as the head of our church family.

Apr 27, 2009
God's Plan
by: Gary and Leslie Heavener

We don't know why you decided to leave "Tigerland" for the "Brave's nation", but we are so grateful that it was God's plan. Here you found hot summers, mild winters, the friendly folks who call Augusta and Advent home, and of course the dreaded "Master's Week". It is a comfort to know that you are here for us, whatever
the circumstance. Your services are always fresh, interesting, and filled with the Holy Spirit.(To be able to remember the sermon at week's end is a wonderful thing!)

May God bless you and your family, and may it continue to be part of God's plan for you to share your faith, wisdom, humor, and wise counsel with us for years to come.

Gary and Leslie

Apr 27, 2009
Heartfelt Thanks
by: Jenny Hollan and Family

Thank you, Pastor Matt,
for all that you do;
Thank you, Pastor Matt,
for just being you;
Thank you, Pastor Matt,
what more can I say?
Thanks be to God
for sending you our way!

God bless you and your family.

Apr 27, 2009
Our Gratitude
by: Barbara and Jim Williams

Pastor Matt
Thank you for the many positive changes that have taken place in our congregation since you have been our Pastor at Advent.
With God's help may the seeds you have sown continue to grow.

Barbara and Jim

Apr 27, 2009
A Tribute to Pastor Matt
by: Chris & Jim Rasmusson

A Tribute to Pastor Matt

We are sorry that we will be out of town for Pastor Appreciation Day, but we still want to thank you and express our thoughts as follows...

How does one define or write a tribute in a few words for a truly outstanding pastor? You just say it. ?In our eyes, Pastor Matt, we feel that you are doing an outstanding job.? That was just too easy ? because true pastors are called by God and are given the gifts needed to do God?s work on earth. It has been a blessing for Advent and for us that God chose you to be called to Advent and move to Augusta. Most of the long time Advent members will remember the hours of prayer asking God to send us a shepherd to lead our congregation.

First impressions are often lasting impressions. Matt, when we first met, you had the Pastor look. You have a humble demeanor with an intellectual persona caused by long hours of meetings, studying, and sermon preparation. And the hair every pastor should have - a crop of thick white hair to set them apart as a pastor. As a congregation, we soon realized there was more to you than looks, that God had blessed you with many of the gifts and talents that were needed for direction at Advent. And some that were not - like being a Detroit Tiger Fan in Georgia! It was apparent to most congregation members that God was answering our prayers. Now all that was needed was for you to hear the answer. This happened in God?s time.

At first, when moving to a new congregation, change is not easy for a pastor, their family, or the congregation. During the past four years, with continued prayer and directions from the Holy Spirit, all of us have changed and have grown in love and understanding of our callings as Christians. Pastor Matt, you have skillfully accepted your role as Advent?s Shepherd. Worship is exciting and your sermons are truly outstanding and meaningful. At times it seems that each sermon is better than the last.

In closing, a thought from the Sunday morning sermon (4/26/09) had special meaning ? ?Give the keys for your heart to God.? Matt, because God has the keys to your heart, you set an example that has influenced our lives and the lives of many at Advent. We are grateful for your work and dedication as Advent?s Shepherd.

We love you. Chris & Jim Rasmusson

Apr 27, 2009
A Gift to me? Thanks!
by: Jennifer

You have no idea how much you have brought me close to Jesus. When I first came here, I didn't even know who Jesus was, because I was 4, but ever since then I have been learning new things. You are a gift to me! I am happy to call you Pastor Daddy like Angela does. I can't wait to go to Big stuf and also help out at VBS! Thanks for everything.

Apr 27, 2009
Thank you
by: Tommy and Laura Rizzo

Dear Pastor Matt,

Tommy and I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for your kindness and understanding. It was a very difficult decision to leave the Catholic Church. We were looking for something more than just church, and we found it through you. You are more than a Pastor, you are a friend.

Love Tommy and Laura

Apr 27, 2009
Answered prayers
by: Tammy

I must admit I suffer from the sin of pride from time to time knowing that I was blessed to be on the committee that brought you here. I guess the congregation is lucky you decided to accept the call even after meeting me. ;-) I love your sense of humor and enjoy the occasional sparring. Most of all, it's the love you feel for the people in the church. The passion you share and infect us with. The way almost every sermon has a message that seems tailor made to something going on in my life, and knowing that I'm sure others feel the same way. There is no doubt God works thru you and puts the words in your mouth that we need to hear.

We are truly blessed.

With much love and affection and thanks for picking up your roots and coming down south. And I know it wouldn't have been possible without the support of Marsha and the kids.

Apr 27, 2009
My Pastor
by: Shirley

When I decided to go back to church Advent was first on my list. I walked in and was greeted not as a stranger but a friend. I was so impressed with the children's sermon and also the adult service. (I still am)

For a while I lived in a home with out a door knob, you have been such a help to open that door.
This past Easter was the most memorable one that I can remember. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

After the first Sunday that I attended Advent I knew that I had found a new home and threw away the list of other churches I had planned to attend.

I thank you for being there with your family for all of us. I think you are wonderful. Being from Michigan has also helped your being so good.

God Bless You in every thing you do. Also a thanks to the congregation for being so friendly.

From the Heart

Apr 27, 2009
Thank you
by: Pravato Family

What an honor to write about Pastor Matt! It's really hard (even for an Italian) to express all the feelings and emotions that fill our heads when we think about you. The one that comes to mind first is what a beautiful memorial service you did for our dad. When you stopped over to comfort us with dad's passing, I told you many things about him and his life. At his service you remembered everything right down to the smallest detail. It is truly something we will always remember. You have a way of expressing your self in your sermons that make us feel like we were right there with you when you relate an experience of your own life. Like the time you were in your dark basement, or flying in your bathing suit with a towel for a cape and even when you missed getting the baseball that Marsha caught! We have never been as touched, as moved or as inspired by anyone. It is an honor and privilege to know you! We Thank GOD for the gift of having you as a pastor. We are all better people for knowing you! I am so proud to call you

Apr 26, 2009
My Pastor, and Pal
by: Wayne

Your always there to lend an ear, always there to offer good advice, and most importantly, always there to offer spiritual guidance. I am VERY glad you are my Pastor. You are a special blessing to so many people, especially me. I don?t know why, but I feel very relaxed sitting in your office just shooting the breeze. It is that natural way that you act, the natural goodness that attracts people to want to be near you.

Did I say that I am VERY happy that you?re my Pastor? I thank God for you and your family, and pray that we are blessed with more of your leadership. And who knew that I actually liked Baseball?

Apr 26, 2009
Thank You Pastor
by: Jeremy Dengel

Going through confirmation I have learned a lot and it helped me get closer to Jesus Christ. Helping out at the church and getting involved in things has also brought me closer to God and I thank you so much for doing this for me.

Apr 26, 2009
You're Like a Father
by: Arlene Dengel

It's funny in a way... Let me just start by saying- you're not old enough to be my father, but you are like one to me. I have grown so much in so many different ways in my Christian faith. YOU have a lot to do with that. I remember when I thought Altar Guild was the group of women who socially quilted. Sad but true. First,I started decorating the church and slowly getting more involved. Then, when you asked me to consider being the chair person for Lay Ministry, I thought, is he crazy, I have no leadership skills. Now, after leading this ministry for a year, I feel like I'm growing everyday in some way closer to God. I have learned so much because I have become more involved with the church and I honestly can't thank you enough. Even though it's busy at times, I wouldn't change anything I have taken on at Advent. I have a completely different focus in my life today. I realize now that ten years ago, I was such a different person, one whom I would not want to be again. YOU have a lot to do with that.

Apr 26, 2009
by: Don and Mable Plueger

Pastor Matt - We know that it has been a terrible sacrifice for you and your family to leave the snow and ice of Michigan for the sun shine and warm winters in Georgia. We thank God that you made that decision and pray that your stay at Advent will be for many more years. We have been keeping a scorecard on you and so far it looks very good. A+ for Sermons. A+ for Bible studies. A++ for children Sermons, etc. As a matter of fact we give you an A+ in all areas except one and that is that you don't play golf, a prerequisite when you live in Augusta. I guess we can overlook that, now that our Georgia Bulldog QB Stafford will be playing for your Detroit Lions! May God continue to bless you and your family Pastor Matt. We know that He has blessed Advent by sending you to us.

Apr 26, 2009
You are the Best
by: Larry and Terrie Bentle

Dear Pastor Matt,
We are sorry not to be here on your anniversary but we know you understand we couldn't pass up our trip to Hawaii. We still wanted to contribute a few words of congratulations. Of all the places we have worshiped Advent is the best. You make things special. Your insights, your faith, your commitment, and your incredible spirit give the church so much. Thank you for all that you do. We hope you stay around a long time.

Larry and Terrie Bentle

Apr 26, 2009
We appreciate you
by: Jamie Sadenwasser

Although some people may appreciate the fact that you are from Michigan -- I have learned to overlook it since I am indeed, a Buckeye. In all seriousness, Pastor Matt, I am so glad that you and your family are at Advent. You and the church are wonderful blessings in our lives.

Apr 25, 2009
Thank you
by: mary suprek

You were an answer to many hours of prayer by the Advent family. We suspected God had someone special in mind and you were definitely it. I especially appreciate the times you go to see my mother and she just bubbles over with joy after a visit. I also grow in God's word with each sermon because they relate so much to today. As you move forward we pray for strength and joy for you and your family.

Apr 25, 2009
A Good Shepherd
by: Arlene & Ken Blevins

Pastor Matt, the Lord has blessed you with an "exceptional" pastors heart! We appreciate your fully allowing the Lord to use that gift to His glory and to our benefit and blessing.

Apr 23, 2009
Pastor Matt!!
by: Crystal Kitts and Travis Cromer

Pastor Matt,
We are so lucky to have you as a Pastor! You have touched so many of our hearts. That is why we wanted you to be apart of our special day in August!! Love the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Travis Cromer

Apr 23, 2009
Our own Angel
by: Gary and Linda Lawrence

Since you came to Advent, there's a new spirit in the congregation. People want to join, become involved, and show they care for one another. There's a depth to the relationships and commitments that was not there before you came. We believe this is due to you displaying your deep faith, leading by example,and showing you care and respect each of us. At Easter sunrise service I would have pinned my angel on you, but was too shy. Thank you for deepening our faith and love of Christ.

Love, Gary and Linda

Apr 23, 2009
Jennifer is writin this
by: Angela

this is what Angela would say but you don't have her email.

Ur da best pastor daddy eva!!!!

Apr 22, 2009
Glad I Found Advent
by: Bob Rankin

I'm happier at Advent with Pastor Matt as my pastor than I have been in a long time. Everyone at Advent seems happier and friendlier than most other congregations. Maybe Christ directed me there?

Apr 22, 2009
We Appreciate You!
by: John and Trudy

What a difference you have made in our lives! Thank you for your love, inspiration, devotion, hard work,and the many talents you bring. Your leadership has made Advent a real Christian family. We thank God that he sent you to us and pray his blessing on you and your family.

Apr 22, 2009
God Bless Pastor Lash
by: Goodrich

Pastor Matt has been an amazing contribution to not only our church family but also in our personal lives. He has done more than I can begin to imagine for our family. His devotion to the church and God are clear and can be felt through the warmness he gives off when conducting a Sunday service. Pastor Matt is someone who deserves to be recognized for his hard work and kind heart. May God bless him today, tomorrow, and from then on for all he has offered with an unselfish loving hand.

The Goodrich family

Apr 22, 2009
in tribute
by: Lynn

Pastor Matt,
I have thoroughly enjoyed the past four years with you at Advent and look forward to many more. It is such a joy to watch you interact with young and old alike. I appreciate your humor and flexibility in your service to our church family. As with any family, I'm sure we 'try your patience' at times! I pray we continue to grow and prosper under your loving care.

Apr 22, 2009
by: Alma Hutchins

Pastor Matt:

Jeanne, Gabriel, and I simply wish to thank you for all of your love, and support as our Pastor. Heres' hoping that we can attend more regularly in the future. As always you prayers are appreciated.
In Christ+

Apr 22, 2009
by: dee alderson

Pastor Matt, Pastor Matt. Hum, what can I say but I luv ya and don't know what I'd do without you. You make my Sundays with your right on sermons, I luv your smile, Your attitude and smarts. Oh my goodness I thought I was writing about me. Oh well, moving on, you and your family have been such an asset to the Church. We looked quite a bit to find a home and when we came it was your first Sunday and boy we got the socks knocked off of us. To find out you could sing too. What a joy. Coming from a Catholic background I've learned so much from you. Thanks for that too.

What I love as much as anything is how you held my hand through all my trials and tribulations with health and mental welfare. I Was truly scared when I had the heart attack. I didn't even have to request you to come. Your like my GOOD and showed up anyway. All my other problems you've been there when I needed you.

To the family and yourself thanx for sticking around and not taking that church.


Apr 21, 2009
Too Much!!!
by: Jennifer Dengel

Pastor daddy, your a gift and I hope you can understand txt talk. here it goes. Ur da best pastor this whole town can afford!!! hehe haha ur better then the bigg ol'warren baptist church pastor. ur a gift to us. we wouldn't even now who god is if it wernt for u!!!
thx 4 everything!!!

Apr 21, 2009
by: Logemann Family

Pastor Matt, is a gift to our lives. It is so wonderful to go to a church and feel that he cares for you no matter your age. It is such a blessing to have him so involved with the children, they look forward to coming to church every Sunday, and for all the get togethers outside of Sunday. WE are especially glad he is from Michigan, because taking communion from a man wearing a tigers watch makes us know we are at home in this church, even though we have moved so far from our roots.

Thank you for dedicating your life so that we might walk closer with Christ, you are an amazing person, and your sermons make you feel like they were written just for us. We are so happy you are part of our lives. We love you and your family.

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