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Pastor Marty Schoenleber

by Patricia
(Woodridge, Illinois U.S.A.)

Pastor Marty is the best pastor I have ever had! He is a man of the Word. His sermons are always thought-provoking and relevant to what the church is going through at the time.

He is also a man of prayer. He is always willing to pray for people if they have a problem or concern. He is even willing to pray for people outside the congregation and people he doesn't even know!

He and his wife Stephanie care intensely about other people and offer their support whenever one needs it. They even take the time to listen to my personal issues and concerns. They have invested a lot of time and energy in making people feel welcome at the church and have helped believers in the congregation grow in their faith in Christ!

Also Pastor Marty wasn't afraid to admit his imperfections----> He was always real with us.

Through these and other good qualities, I know in my heart that he loved (and still loves) the church in which I am a part, even with his impending departure.

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The Rebel
by: Rob

I have met many Pastors and Marty truly is the most sincere man of God that I have met. I have never met a more selfless leader than Marty. What impressed me most about him is that he left his comfort zone to partake in what God was calling him to do even though the road that he was going down was not clear and full of uncertainty. There is not a week that goes by that I do not think of him or one of his sermons. After being a part of the church that he started my life has been revolutionized. It caused a spark in my heart and planted a seed in my Spirit that encourages me to do more and more for God.

Wife gives A+
by: Stephnie

As the one who sees Marty most, I can say with a full heart that he lives for an audience of One. He cherishes me and uplifts me as his special helper in life. Our giftedness as a couple is a blend of opposites and imperfections which God graciously uses for our benefit and His glory. I am so pleased that Marty is my dear one.

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