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Pastor Leroy G. Carroll, Jr.

by Evangelist Tia Jefferson-Carroll
(West Palm Beach, FL)

A Pastor Worth Getting to Know!

A Pastor Worth Getting to Know!

I truly thank God for having a God-Fearing Man of God as a Pastor. I am a little biased because he is my Husband! He has a sincere heart and does everything in excellence! I met him in 2005 and in less than 6 months after meeting him, we were married. It was definitely ordained by God. He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He loves with a HUGE HEART! Some pastors are one way at home and another way at church! But Pastor Leroy Carroll, Jr. is the same kind, compassionate, loving person at home as he is at church.

Yesterday, the church, The Inspirational Church of God, honored him. It was such a BEAUTIFUL SERVICE. He was so grateful for their kindness.

Not only is he a Great Pastor, He is a Wonderful Father! And being that I am an Evangelist, he ALWAYS supports my ministry. He's one of my BIGGEST FANS! I truly bless God for him. He's not a jealous Pastor. He is not intimidated by the gifts of others. He welcomes the Gifts of God. He encourages. He teaches with the wisdom of a 80 year old man. He is very considerate of the feelings of others. He is also a prayer warrior.

Well, I could go on and on. But before I end my BRAG-NOTE, I want to stress that he is a Phenomenal Husband! He's my Heart! I love every part of Him! I truly bless God for the Gift that He gave me when He gave me PASTOR LEROY G. CARROLL, JR.

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