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Pastor Larry B. Sims

by Keena Clark
(Americus, GA )

First of all Union Tabernacle Baptist Church in Americus, Georgia is blessed to have a true man of God leading us. Our pastor is dedicated to his calling and is dedicated to completing the assignments of which God has given him. He is committed to giving the "uncut" version of what God asks of us. The word is what it is and he gives it like it is. He understands the problems we face, but offers solutions only from THE WORD.

He's there when we need him: funerals, christenings, weddings, graduations, school ceremonies, etc. He gives the word in the morning, afternoon, night, and midnight. He expects us to live our lives pleasing GOD only. He continuously asks us to not focus on him, but on the WORD. He speaks proudly of his wife and family. He is truly a man sent By God to feed the flock of UTBC. I understand his role and accept it completely. We wants his people to become true worshipers, Godly men, Godly women raising up Godly children.

We love you Pastor and First Lady Sims.

Keena & Clifton Clark

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Pastor & 1st Lady
by: koreene Davis

Pastor and 1st lady Sims what words can I say to you for what u do or say. The only thing I can think if is priceless. I wouldn't take anything you do or say for granted. I love you both so much. There is nothing UTBC can give you for your services. However I know a God that can and I know he is well-pleased with your service and faithfulness. I wouldn't trade you two for anything. There's nothing like having a pastor that teaches you to have relationship with the God. There is also nothing like having a relationship with your pastor. I love you pastor and 1st lady if it wasn't for god through u teaching me how live for him. I don't know where I would be. Love u guys

Thank you
by: Mary Lanier Banks

Pastor Sims, on behalf of myself and the Kenneth Banks family, we would like to thank you for watching over our souls. We thank you for being a true man of God and leading by example. God has equipped you to deliver his word without any sugar-coating,although there are many times our toes are stepped on, we truly appreciate the word which is given to you. It is our prayer that the Lord continue to strength you on this Christian Spiritual walk. Know that you have the support of the Banks family. We love some BROWN SUGAR.(Our most humble first lady Virgina Sims)

Be Blessed......We Love You

by: Bria dennard

We love you pastor sims and we appreciate you. And I will always be your child and little girl forever

by: Johnnie Vaughn

Pastor Sims and 1st Lady Sims have been with us for the past eighteen years, teaching, preaching and encourging both night and day. We tank you and we apprciate you. We know that you are a Godly man and all of us are important to you. We thank you for planting the word in to us. We read and study daily, because of your teaching, we live by the word of God. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and our 1st Lady.

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