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Pastor Joyce McNeal

by Amy Walker
(Paris, Tennessee, United States)

Pastor Joyce McNeal of Old Landmark Full Gospel Baptist Church in Paris, Tennessee, is one of a kind. Pastor Joyce loves all people no matter, race, gender, or background. She loves to teach people and to preach the Gospel. Her heart's desire is to make disciples around the world. She has a heart of gold and truly is a powerful woman of God.

Pastor Joyce will give her last even when she doesn't even have it. She stands on the WORD of God and lets no man make decisions for her. I have never met such a wonderful Pastor and person like her. She deserves so much and gives more than anyone I know, but yet receives so little from this world, she doesn't worry about it though because she is amazingly being blessed by our Precious Heavenly Father from Above.

I love her with all my heart and thank God for giving her a heart, mind, and the determination to serve Him and to teach His people about His WORD and How to edify and lift up the Kingdom of God. Words can't explain how good she is and how much she loves the LORD.

She is someone to look up to and to admire if you would like to have a spiritual role model. No one will ever take the place of my pastor and I know that God has truly blessed Old Landmark Full Gospel Baptist Church of Paris, Tn with a wonderful, empowered with the Holy Ghost, true woman of God who loves to preach The Gospel. She's more awesome than anyone will ever know until they get the opportunity to meet her face to face.

My pastor, Pastor Joyce McNeal is one in a million. Regardless of the obstacles and the negativism from some of the men ministers of Paris, Tn and surrounding counties she still presses on to a higher calling.

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by: Melissa Johnson

Pastor Joyce McNeal(My Mother) is a very annoited woman I love her with all my heart,even when she had us singing when i was in middle school,I can look back at it and laugh because i always thought she had a beautiful voice, but when I last visited Paris, I had an experience like no other,I felt at peace with alot of things that was going on in my life,i had to tell somebody the needed to try it,but im proud to say that Pastor Joyce has Always been a friend,Mother,and more in my life, as well as her daughter,

More Than A Conquerer

Our pastor is more than a pastor. She is a friend when you have no one else to talk to and when you?re going through situations. She is a spiritual mother who cares about all of her people. She is a person who is connected up with Jesus when you need prayer. She is full of love. When you?re down she finds a way to make you laugh. She loves to see her people grow in Christ. She has been through many obstacles and came through almost every one of them on top and to me she conquered more than what only some of us can dream.

Grateful and Blessed
by: Regina Andrews

I am grateful and blessed to have a pastor that is very caring and spiritually filled. Anytime you need her to pray for you or something she is willing and I love to hear her sing and laugh. It is good that you can have a pastor and a friend that you can have fun with. This is my pastor, Pastor Joyce McNeal, with love from Regina

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