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Pastor John Williamson

by Rebecca Loa
(Round Rock, TX USA)

I am so thankful for my pastor! He is a great man of God who truly loves people and wants to see them saved. He is not afraid to preach the truth of God's word. He has one main goal in mind, and that is to see souls saved. He teaches us so much, things I should have already known because they are all there in the Word of God, but that I have never seen before.

The first time I met his wife, Sis. Williamson I felt as if I had known her all my life. She has been a wonderful, caring, good friend to me and a great example of what a godly woman should be.
We dedicated a song to him called "Thank You for Giving of your Life" and it describes our pastor well.

If you are looking for a church in or near Round Rock, TX then please come visit our church. If you want to be saved, this is the place where truth can be found!

Comments for Pastor John Williamson

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The Man of God Who Teaches To SAVE
by: Karrie Herron

My pastor is by far the greatest Man of God EVER! When Pastor Williamson steps up to the pulpit, he's not asking for the glory to be put on him, he's not looking to please everyone because of money, He Cares, and he preaches this message to help people find the true RIGHTEOUS salvation that God intended for His chosen! Pastor Williamson is a Man of God who wants the will of GOD and nothing less. In every service he strives for a move of the Holy Spirit because Pastor knows that is where our healing, strength, rest, joy, and above all our salvation lays. Glory to God for sending a man to Round Rock, Texas to lead the lost into His magnificent light!
The Lord only knows where me and my children would be today!

I am thankful for Calvary Apostolic Church

Not a hireling, but a shepherd "The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep." Jn10:13
by: Annette Ybarra

The Lord put me under Pastor Williamson's pastoral care in May 2010. At this time I'll have had 1 yr & 5 months of getting to know him. I have come to know Pastor Williamson as being a very godly man whom the Lord has given MUCH wisdom & revelation to! There are so many good things I can say about this man, whom I proudly call my pastor. He teaches with such a gentle & meek spirit that it's easy to receive God's Word even when it comes forth "sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul & spirit" (Hebrews 4:12). It is clear to me that when I feel the pain of the sword, there is no way that I can accuse this humble man of being a lord over a people, but God's Word proves it's own power as he teaches & preaches with such a loving spirit. I know without a doubt that God chooses to move through this man in such a powerful way because he is a praying & fasting man. I cannot count the number of times I have become aware that he is on a fast. And these are not 1 or 2 day fasts either; many times he may go for a week or longer. I have 1 complaint about my pastor. I love to bake & I would love to show my appreciation to him with a baked good, but it seems he is always fasting! Maybe my timing is just off, nevertheless, I have observed that he is not a gluttonous man in the least. But instead, he is moderate in every way. ("Let your moderation be known unto all men..."Phil. 4:5). It is always our honor to have him & his family over for dinner, which my husband & I have done numerous times! He practices what he preaches, a disciplined man, full of good works & kindness, who never gives himself any glory, but is ever so mindful of giving God ALL the glory & making sure all who enter the doors of the sanctuary understands the importance "that no flesh should glory in (God's) presence" (1Cor. 1:29).

Pastor Williamson, is a very selfless man whom I have come to admire & appreciate very much! The Lord has been SO GOOD to me, to have given me such a gift of a pastor!

Our church children are blessed to have such a godly example of dedication & love for the things of God! The children come to my mind because we live in such a generation where children need more examples like Pastor Williamson! Pastor understands the trials of youth, having come from a broken home himself. He has an amazing testimony. A boy who most likely would have wound up in prison...but God had another plan!

I'm THANKFUL I was part of that plan & God saw fit to place me under his guidance in 2010!...a BLESSED BLESSED year indeed! I am looking forward to the great things God is going to do through this man! & in fact is ALREADY doing, as we have felt such a strong move of God in our services!

Thank God for Pastor
by: Christina Davis

Jesus sent my Pastor to Round Rock, TX for me. I know he sent him for many others as well, but I know God had me in mind when he sent Pastor Williamson here. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the selfless dedication my Pastor and his beautiful, strong example of a wife, have given of themselves. He has been there for me at most inconvenient hours in my darkest of days to pray and encourage. He has given me sound advice through the toughest decisions. And most importantly he preaches and teaches the word of God WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOR. Praise God for the under-shepherd I have in my life!!! I am favored of God to be at Calvary Apostolic Church under Pastor John Williamson and my beautiful church family.

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