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Pastor John Shaw

by Traci
(Waynesville, MO)

Pastor Shaw has been pastoring at Westside for ten years now. He has guided us through two major building projects as more and more people join our family. He has a deep desire to see people come to Christ and grow closer to God.

I don't think he knows what a day off is. He works tirelessly to minister and take care of so many people as the church grows and the needs increase. But he is always in the Word and studying, reading current spiritual books and keeping himself open to change. Laughter is never in short supply when he is around.

Pastor Shaw is a leader with vision who leads with faith and courage. We appreciate him for preaching and standing on the Truth without wavering. We pray that God bless him with wisdom, success and power in the Spirit. We also pray that God bless us with many more years with Pastor Shaw's leadership.

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