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Pastor John Mclendon

by David
(Hendersonville, TN)

Having not been one to go to Church on a regular basis for various reasons I entered Godwhy somewhat doubtful. I knew I needed to be in Church but never found one that I felt comfortable with. In his time, In his way God lead me to Godwhy.
I had read & also heard other members say that Pastor John said we will meet you wherever you are at in your life and asking questions is okay. I must say this Chuch has lived up to it's word.

Now coming up on my second year at Godwhy I have been baptized and can not wait for Sundays to come. I have learned so much from being at this Church it is overwhelming in the best way possible. It is an understatement to say that the staff and the people here have been not only supportive, but truly loving to me.

I admire Pastor John for his committment to the people who attend Godwhy. I never thought that someone who is so busy would give that one on one time. I'm truly in awe of this place of worship. Any time I'm asked to do something for or at the Church it is my great pleasure to do so. I feel there is nothing I can do that will possibly return the gift that I have received here.
Pastor John (as everybody calls him) is indeed a blessing in my life as God has used him to create such a place that truly fits my needs along with many others.

My praises and appreciation also go out to the other members of the staff Pastor J. D. Wiggins, Pastor Willie Acevedo, Pastor Josh Wooten, Pastor Jennifer Mazzolla, and Pastor Mark Lancastor.

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