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Pastor John McDonald

by C. DeBolt
(Canon City, Colorado USA)

Our God sent Pastor

Our God sent Pastor

How can I make this short...? Our Pastor is a Godly one. This should be a must with Pastors but isn't always the case. He cares about pleasing God, not necessarily man! He loves his congregation and takes notice of each one of them. What a huge job! He works for little but gives so much. He is very strong emotionally, and spiritually (possibly physically?). He interacts with all the church people outside of church. He is constantly on the move to improve our congregation, the people individually, our church and Christian school no matter how much resistance he receives. I often think I could not make it through that which he endures, what he puts up with, the hours he works, the tasks he must do etc, but this reminds me that he is truly a man sent to our church and placed there by God because only through God could he handle the things he does. I often get tears in my eyes when I think about our Pastor and all he does and all he is. He is special.

Our Pastor is a blessing to our church and community and he doesn't hear it enough; nor does he expect to hear it but yet he deserves to hear it! I am lost on what to do for him to show him how special he is to us, but I know God will one day reward him and that is worth more than I could ever do! God Bless you Pastor McDonald and your wonderful family as well!

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