Pastor John C. Vaughn

by Faith Friend
(Greenville, South Carolina)

Pastor John. C. Vaughn is the most wonderful pastor in the world. He is loving and kind. He is an example to the whole world. He shows us how to love by the way he loves.I stand in awe of his life. He has been through so much yet he keeps on keeping on helping and encouraging others. His tenderness to children and the elderly is clearly seen.His sermons are wonderful. He is the greatest speaker in the world! Everybody loves hearing him speak.His words flow from wisdom, He has a great sense of humor and loves to make others laugh, He is filled with wisdom. He is a man of integrity and courage. He is a mighty man of valor!! No other man can be compared to him. He is loved, He is respected and he is adored. He has a brave heart.

Oh how you are loved Pastor Vaughn you will know just how much in heaven.

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