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Pastor Joe Velez

by Daisy Cuevas
(Blackwood, NJ (USA))

The Best Pastor in the World

The Best Pastor in the World

Dear Pastor Velez,

You are truly the angel or our church. My family and I have watched you for the past thirteen years lead our congregation with unselfish love and dedication. You consistently live the word of God in your life, and are always so concerned for your flock. Your sermons on Fridays and Sundays reveal the love you feel for your congregation and indicate that you are not just trying to make us happy and content, but that you are preparing us to see Jesus.

During the past year or so, we have watched you battle the horrors of Cancer. This disease often ravages the lives of those it touches, but even through that nightmare, you have remained unwavering in your faith. I watched as you preached about God's healing power, as you struggled with body aches and fevers. Your spirit and resolve are stronger than 1,000 men, but you always made it clear that the source of that strength is Christ alone.

Words, gifts, and cards will never be able to fully express the amazing appreciation I feel for your dedication and love as my pastor. You are truly a man of God, and I know that a huge crown awaits you in glory. While you remain with us, I will forever be grateful to the Lord for letting you be my shepherd.

Please continue to run the race and showing those in your care to do the same.

I love you and will continue to pray that God would give you the strength to carry on.

With all our love,
The Cuevas Family

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