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Pastor Jimmie Ruffin

A pastor’s work often goes unnoticed by those unfamiliar with the behind the scenes life of a pastor. Therefore, I wanted to take the opportunity to show appreciation to my Pastor at New Life community Church in Fort Wayne, IN. (Pastor Jimmie Ruffin)

Pastors Teach

Most likely a pastor’s most important trait is that they teach the word of God. We all need teachers when it comes to learning and growing in Christ. Because lets face it, sometimes we need to hear the word of God in our face and who better to do that than our pastor.

Pastors Pray

I never knew how much pastors care for every member of their congregation until I joined New Life Community Church. Pastors spend hours praying for their members, friends, community, etc. Whatever the need is, Pastor Jimmie Ruffin is bringing it before God. It is nice to know that despite all my troubles, I have someone who cares to pray for me and my family.

Pastors Give

Pastor Jimmie Ruffin is constantly giving. He gives his time, his money, his energy, etc. They work continually to share God’s love and God’s word. He plans so much time trying to meet the needs of the church and community. He gives food, He gives hope, He gives money, facilities, entertainment, worship, etc. It often goes unnoticed how much a pastor gives.

Pastors Counsel

Pastor Jimmie spends a lot of time counseling. When people are hurting, Pastor Jimmie Ruffin is there to help them get through this low in their life. In our marriage, Pastor Jimmie Ruffin has provided tremendous counsel to help us be better husbands and wives by teaching us areas of improvement in God’s word. He provides every kind of counseling available from financial to spiritual to marriage to fears, etc. He will stop everything to be of assistance in times of need.

Pastors Cry and Laugh with You

Pastor Jimmie Ruffin is there to celebrate births, praises, miraculous recoveries or any joy with you. But Pastor Jimmie Ruffin is also there when you are sick, dealing with loss of a loved one or just having a hard time.

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to documenting all the great things my Pastor does for us and society. So I just wanted to take time and just say a simple “Thank you."

For You I Pray

In my prayer for you I pray
That God will bless you in a special way.
Your precious smile, your warm handshake,
Your words of concern, my day does make.
For this my friend I say: Thank you.

In my prayer for you I pray;
That in your life, God has His way,
That, as you go from task to task,
For what you need, in faith you'll ask.
For this my friend, I say: Bless you.

In my prayer for you I pray;
That in your trials, you'll pray
For guidance clear and wisdom dear,
And the Lord's presence ever near.
For this my friend, I say: I care.

In my prayer for you I pray;
That your life be touched in a special way
And that our friendship means as much
As our lives made happy by the Master's touch.
For this my friend, I say: Praise the Lord.
(poem by Judy Crowe)

A man I appreciate and love, and who I am proud to call "My Pastor"!

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