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Pastor Jim Eaches

by Kat Andrews
(Hayfork California, USA)

Pastor you are the best in all you do. Don't be discouraged even though Hayfork is a zoo. Many Pastors we have gone through, and even if you don't make it here, remember we all still love you.

Thank you for everything you have done and more. I have never seen a Pastor work so eagerly in Hayfork Community Church ever before.

May the grace of the Lord's hugs be upon you night and day, and may He protect you and your family always.

Love Kat Andrews

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Thank You
by: Kelly Young

There have been many times in my life that I have given up on the idea of a loving God. I appreciate that you have taught me that God is loving and that I need to appreciate all that he does for myself and my family.

I admit that there are days when I have my doubt. Then someone in my family will say or do something that you have taught them that helps me get back on the right track.

Thank You and God Bless!

Great Job
by: Bonnie Lewis

I am new to your church We have lived in Hayfork for 15 years, My parents have lived here for 45 years. You and your family are a joy and give life to the church. I pray you are with us for a long time even thought Hayfork can be a shock to some, My husband and I feel it is heaven after coming from the greater L.A. area. Thank you for being the pastor, and know that I really enjoy your humor and love of Gods children is truly felt by myself my husband and my 89 year old mother.

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