Pastor Jerry and Sister Mary Jane Hayhurst

by Tracy & Kelly Hayhurst
(Richwood West Virginia)

These two wonderful people are a ministry team. I don't know of any time that Pastor Jerry has ever passed up an opportunity to serve Jesus! He preaches at Liberty Union Mission in Craigsville West Virginia, and anywhere that God sends him. He loves the Lord and his flock. He has truly been faithful to Jesus, the flock, and the lost.

Sister Mary goes everywhere with him, and serves the church in love and compassion. They never complain about the demands that the ministry takes on their lives although often you can see their sacrifices in very real ways!

Pastor Jerry stands on the truth and he will not be moved by nonsense, he believes we have a purpose while here on this earth and strives everyday to fulfill the purpose that God has chosen for him. We love them and we truly appreciate their sacrifices!

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