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Pastor J. Bruce Sofia

by Kate
(Sewell, NJ )

Pastor Bruce,

Thank you for bringing the Word to me and changing my life forever! My journey under your guidance and direction by the Holy Spirit has been uplifting and challenging!

Even though every day has it's own challenges, you have encouraged and equipped me to seek God's direction in ALL things.

The Gloucester County Community Church family has provided every type of support and resource I have needed for my walk with Jesus and the world.

I am eternally grateful for you and your dedication to our congregation.

Comments for Pastor J. Bruce Sofia

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Thank you
by: Kathy

I started listening to you a few years back as my work schedule changed and I had to be to work at 5:30AM. Fortunately you were on at 5:00AM and I haven't stopped listening to you. I live in King of Prussia and do have a church I go to here, but would love to someday visit your church. Your sermons always get my day going in a positive direction and help me to live the way God wants me to live. I know that many people listen to other pastors who only tell them what they want to hear. You tell us what we need to hear. I thank you and God for that. I also thank you for I am never late for work, because I rush to turn that radio on in time to hear your sermon. God bless you.


Thank you so much for your prayers and beautiful flowers that I received for the passing of my dad last week . You and your church have helped me through a most difficult time in my life and I really appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness. thanks again Patti Muller Stephens minister

being able to hve an appointment to see you
by: Cecelia Jane Reese

Hi Pastor Bruce, I know you will recognize my name. I listen to you on wfil, 560 at 9:30 am while I work, i'm close to retirement now, this Oct, I'm so blessed still and ministered to by what God dose in your life. I am coming to visit your congregation and services, soon. Gods blessings and favor be on you and your family always where ever your feet or vehicles tread.

Thank you
by: Ana Marie Athey

Dear Pastor Bruce;

Thank you for being a true and faithful sheperd to all who seek to please God,watching over our souls.

God has used you as a great inspiration and encouragement to reach out and touch the lives of many as you have touched mine.

I thank God for placing you in my life, when he took my spouse home. You have been my spiritual sheperd, providing me with spiritual quidance and direction. I thank God for your obedience to him and your faithfulness to your congregation.

I know you walk with God, and God is in all you do.

God bless you

Shepherd, Brother, Lover of God
by: Lee Wilson

The first time I went to Gloucester County Community Church it was a Palm Sunday and I didn?t want to go because I had better things to do. I knew God didn?t exist but a church could be a good influence on the kids. At the end, I prayed. I had no clue what that was all about.

But that day turned out to be the beginning of an exciting journey with God. The best day of my life, and all the days since are tied for 2nd. Pastor Bruce, I?m glad you fish! And because of you, I discovered the Bible, prayer, sharing the good news of Jesus, and more. And the greatest commandment.

I am eternally grateful. How great God is, tho I only see a little now. Your serving Him has had the most profound effect on my life. Before I was a ?good? person. Now I know better.

Head and Shoulders Above
by: Janet Keebler

Our Pastor stands head and shoulders above other Pastors because he listens for God's voice. He is a man of prayer first and foremost. He shepherds his congregations in a way that keeps them moving forward in their Christian faith. He wants GCCC to be a place that meets our needs. We love him. Thank you Pastor Bruce. We appreciate all you do to bring us closer to God.

Anointed and Chosen By GOD
by: Brian,Becky,Jillie Loatman

Hi Pastor Bruce:
We wanted to THANK YOU for being our Pastor! As a family who comes from a Father who also is a Minister, we defintely know of challenges/sacrifices etc. which may come your way and yet, GOD gives you the grace to surpass it all! We know that it is not easy to stand up front every Sunday to deliver GOD'S word as efficient and effective as you do but, you do! YOUR messages have encouraged/inspired us on many occasions to continue to press on and not become discouraged. Please know that we stand behind you 100% and will be there always as long as GOD has ordained us to. We are grateful to GOD for a Pastor such as you.
With Love:

Faithful Servant
by: Valerie Waters Grasso

Pastor Bruce-

May God continue to richly bless you as our shepherd, preacher, teacher, listener, comforter, teacher, counselor, friend....

Thank you,Pastor Bruce, for being a faithful servant of Christ. Your life long commitment has greatly impacted our church and community.

by: Erin Riley

Just wanted to say, you are a wonderful pastor. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done. Words can't express the thanks for all you have done for others. You truly are a blessing and I know God is pleased with your work!

Thank You
by: Sam D.

For twenty-eight years at GCCC,
The Word has been preached uncompromisingly,
Expertly spoken and skilled in its use,
Is our leader and chief shepherd, Pastor Bruce.

Holds our feet to the fire, but we don't get burned, He continually tests us to see what we've learned,Guiding and leading us along the way,
Something new and interesting each and every Sunday.

A counselor, a mentor, a leader, a friend,
On him we can always count and depend,
Always the familiar invitation, as easy as A B C,
With an open door for all to step into eternity.

One mission in life, to speak the truth everywhere, At the gas station, at the market, even in the barber's chair, Tells 'em all about Jesus, anytime he can,Showing us the example of how to fish for men.

He has a funny side, and we see it at times,
During a "Mr. A" illustration, or when a cell phone chimes, All part of the package that is uniquely his,And it makes us appreciate him for who he is.

A huge burden he carries, but never lets it show,
At times I don't think we realize or know,
So lift up a prayer, to pray for him we must,
And I want him to know how much he means to us.

So please know that you're loved and appreciated much,Don't know what we'd do without your special touch,Thank you for everything that you always do,
For your guidance and direction, and for leading us through.

Jesus & GCCC - perfect together,
That's why it's my home, now and forever,
I pray for this work to abundantly abound,
And for twenty-eight more - I hope PB stays around!

Thank You
by: April Lorenzo

Pastor Bruce, Thank You so very much for answering God's call. For being commited to bring us His word every week. The truth that you speak of from the pulpit is reassuring and valued greatly. Thank you for your honesty and the courage it takes to bring forth that honesty. God working through you has changed many lives, mine included. I pray that you will continue to seek out God's truth and purpose and bring that forth to your congregation. May God bless you and sustain you.

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