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Pastor Henry L. Hankins and Pastor Willie Mae Hankins

by Jennie Mallory
(Jackson, Mississippi, USA)

The man of God had read the Bible well;
He prayed to God with favor all his life,
Until the Holy Spirit entered him,
And changed his life of poverty and strife.
Striving to live as an apostle of Christ
Serving his father giving Godly advice.

And his wife, a woman who invests her talents and time;
Who helps to promote God's wondrous design.
Her husband, well known within the heaven's gate,
Lifts praises to God for his godly mate.

And though he may get the Glory
and he may get the Fame,
She will stand beside him in Love
and Help him just the same.

She's the person he turns to
when he needs a friend,
She will always be there till the
"Glorious End".

She's a Godly woman, she has such grace
Always a warm greeting, a smile on her face.
Her husband she shares with a whole congregation
She humbly accepts his intense dedication.

Our God has sent them to this place
To lead us in the kingdom way.
That they would have us work and think
And live right from day to day.

They both have an understanding heart
That encourages and cheers;
The love they give so freely
Grows deeper with the years.

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