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Apr 24, 2017
My First Year as a Christian
by: Dawn

I have had the pleasure of being asked and trusted with assisting Pastor Kiner in ensuring that the members of his congregation get what they need inside and outside of Sunday Service. Since I started actively participating in church in September 4, 2016 I have had Pastor Dr.Gerald Kiner , PhD as someone I can turn to. Pastor Kiner was placed in my life to assist in guiding me as I learn how to go through life as a devoted Christian. He has been a blessing to learn from and as I continue to turn to the scriptures in order to discover more about myself, I can be relieved knowing that I have a man of God that is willing to sacrifice his time to pray for me and my church family behind our back.

Nov 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

I've had the pleasure of visiting this church a few times. I must say, I really enjoy these services. This pastor and congregation show so much Godly love! I will definitely visit again. Pastor Kiner and the JPC are very much involved in the community. This ministry is definitely a BIG HELP in the Hickory Hill Community! A GREAT PLACE TO WORSHIP OUR ALMIGHTY GOD!

Aug 09, 2014
Great Pastor,Blessed Pastor
by: Kimetrac

I love Jp I learn so much in this Bible based church
He loves his members and we love him back thank God he chose him to preach and teach his word.

Jul 11, 2012
Real Man of God
by: Anonymous

i thank God for a pastor that accepts us just the way we are he keeps it so real break that word down like you never heard. Certainly this knowledge you didn't get in college so very proud this is my pastor who's who n Jesus Rev. Dr. G. Kiner

Jul 04, 2012
A man of his word ,to preach what he heard!!
by: pam

Well I can honestly say since I been going to Jesus people's church, I have been taught alot , I feel the word that pastor kiner preach, when he preaching, I feels like I am home, the love an the welcome that I receive while I am there at my church home, its just so Awesome, I feel nothing but love ,Gloriously, sweet , connection with the lord!!! That's how wonderful I feel when I am at Jesus peoples church,!!!! I just want to say thank you pastor kiner, just for the words an encouraging , an preyer, that u give me an my family!!! I love you , for that!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Jan 16, 2010
Pastor GK
by: Anonymous

I can say I love my pastor yes yes yes. He gives so much love when he speaks to us. I am happy this man is my pastor as well. I thank God for giving us a man that is to anointed with the Devil Buster along his side. I am a true believer.

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