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Pastor Fleetwood Price II

by Miranda Robinson
(Pelham, Ga. United States)

Pastor Fleetwood Price II came to Pelham over 10 years ago eager and willing to do the will of God. A family man, husband and the father of two daughters and still continued to be listed in the military. He fast and pray and not once feeling as if he had made a mistake he stood sted fast and on moveable in the small town and @ a small church call St. Lewis M. B. Church. Each year as he continues to fast and pray he continues to seek Gods guidance and pray asking for wisdom, knowledge and understanding to feed to his people.

He his giving, loving and most of all unselfish. He constant and continuously give of himself and his service not only to the church but to the community of Pelham. Pastor Price has made a name for himself and we as his flock salute him for his great efforts to teach us the word of god. I am proud this day that he is my pastor and my leader and grateful to god for sending us such a strong sheppard. Pastor Price I salute you on your anniversary and I will continue to pray for you and your family that you all will continue to grow in christ. St. Lewis M. B. Church a small church on a big mission. Growth is daily occupation and over the last past 10yrs. will have grown in our music and worship ministry but most of all in our hearts. Without leadership you can't follow but with pray all things are possible. God has been so good to us and we all him all our gratefulness and we as a church family will continue to give him our best in all that we do. Pastor Price is join each sunday by his faithful side kick that he loves as brother and respect as a human being Min. Patrick Bowie. Often during the summer you can catch the two of the riding their bikes through the special place of Pelham, and when the question is asked who are those men someone will simply say they are the awesome leaders of St. Lewis M.B. Church. Pastor Price never stop doing or giving or sharing because their is a crown and a long white robe waiting for you. Miranda

Miranda Robinson

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